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Monday, March 15, 2010

Is there ever "enough"

My mom has just left Utah back for her home state of Nebraska after spending a nice almost week with us. It was a fun week but I am always left feeling like it was never enough.
There wasn't enough to time to spend, even if we would have stayed up the whole week. When you only see eachother every other year or so there is alot to catch up on. Even if you do talk on the phone weekly.
I'm left wondering if enough topics were covered so both my mom and I understand how we both have grown and how our lives are going. Did we just touch base or was it "enough"?
I NEVER feel like there is enough time. Not enough time to do some of those fun things that are here in Utah. To show her our home state and the things it offers for our family. Did we show her "enough"?
Was there enough time for the kids to enjoy their Grandma. For both kids and Grandma to goof off and get to know eachother. Did they enjoy eachother "enough"?
Was there enough activities that my kids and their awesome personalities showed through or was there too much time to see the bad side of their personalities? How much is "enough"?
Did I get to show off enough of my awesome personality? Enough of how much I've grown and yet still need a mother at times. Was there "enough" showboating?

This is the first year I have worked when my mom came to visit so I felt like there was even less time. This year I particularly feel like there was not enough time, or conversation or fun or showing off or just ANYTHING. It was harder than usual. She got to see the kids' school and meet my coworkers and we found a new favorite family game but was any of that enough?