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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alive and well!

Hello bloggy friends! Miss me? I have been entertaining my Mom. Time has flown by! We did so much around this cool little Island. It's so fun showing off my new "home". The differences between Singapore and America are vast and it was so nice to see someones face when they see all the differences!
My  mom isn't new to traveling though. 7 years ago she visited one of my sisters in Africa. So it was fun listening to the differences and the likes of America, Africa and Singapore. She was very happy that we had aircon because Africa did not! There's a story of her laying on the dirt floor begging people to kill her because the heat was just too much, it got to 130 degrees that day I guess. That did not happen here.
What did we do? We explored! We visited the Art Science Museum, the pottery jungle, Marina Barrage, New water facilities, the zoo, the treetop walk, fireworks on the bay and the Chinese and Japanese gardens. My mom also tried the fish for your feet and bubble tea. She never got around to the durian but I hear it isn't really good until August. I don't think she was sorry about that one! We also logged about 12 miles in the pool swimming laps and just having a good 'ole time!
Most of those places I haven't been to. I'll make posts about each one separately. Starting with my favorite ones. I just needed to update my blog at least ONCE this month!
I'm glad my mom came and that we explored so much. It was fun and it was tiring but I'll do it all again! I love this Island!