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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm not talking about the original 4 seasons of summer, winter, spring and fall. I'm talking about the seasons of life. I had been thinking about my life a lot this year, you know the pushing 40 and being a mom of a teenager and all that. And then one night I was blog hopping going to blogs I use to love and didn't have the time to read once I started working. Found out I still love some of  those blogs and I found the one post that spoke to me on this post on this bloggers blog. So she is the inspiration for my newest post. There will be 2 now in less than a week!

We all have seasons to our life. I've already been through most of them.
The Hunting season: Defined as looking for a mate by dating all the wrong ones and sometimes even the right ones but not the right one right then. Done with that one.
The Mating season: or most people refer to as "when you have babies". Did that with a result of 3 babies.
The only I watch animated TV season: Known to most all mothers as I have kids under 5 and must keep them occupied or I'll never be showered. Did that too and I actually miss some of those animated shows.

So, how do I define this season. This one of  school age kids. They don't need me or want me as much. They are becoming their own little people. This season of working outside of home. This season of change in my marriage because of my new job. This season of changing relationships. I'm still not sure how to define it. I just know that sometimes I feel like the only seasons I have left to look forward to is the Menopause season and the Grandbaby season.

But I'm only 37 so there should be at least 10 years before I hit that season. So, I think I'll make this season one of self discovery. Of learning more about me and my limits. Of being a better, friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister,worker and anything else I decide to try. I can still be all those things and get to reacquaint myself with me, because lets face it. When you are a mom and wife you sometimes forget that you are anything else. But I do remember I liked me before and even during these last few seasons so I am sure I will like me during this next season.

Monday, June 14, 2010

FOOD! It's everywhere...

The last week of school I started craving one of my favorite Lemonades of all time. You can only get it at a little restaurant here called Tucano's. I didn't really want to go out to eat I just wanted the lemonade. So, I went searching the handy dandy internet. I found it here. And it tasted EXACTLY like the restaurants. It is soooo yummy on a hot summer day.

While I was looking around the site I found a bunch of other recipes we have tried. Bob grilled some artichokes last Sunday for the first time. I did not know that artichokes take sooooo much work to eat. But they were VERY good! Jake could probably eat a whole artichoke himself.
That same day Natalie and I made some cupcakes for us and a friend. They were really delish too. The recipe has a link to a cool frosting that I can actually make by myself. It's so easy and tastes so yummy. I have also made an easy tuna pasta and a forgotten jambalya that I'll post the recipes to later because Ican't find them online. Both were very good.

Today, the weather isn't cooperating for us to make s'mores so we found this recipe and made it. They are called campfire cookies and are really easy for the kids to help make. My favorite thing is watching the kids cook with Bob, he is so much more patient with them than I am and they had a great time making them. (Bob doesn't like the way he looks in the picture...I told him not to worry because it's only going on my blog and no one reads it).

Finally....Greyson is a potato chip freak! He loves them. But only the regular salted kind...he doesn't like his chops all fru fruieee. I had some potatoes that were going bad so we looked for a baked potato chip recipe, found one and put him to work. They taste great and will go with dinner tonight. He did alot of the work himself. I can't find that recipe right now but I know we just got it off line somewhere.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You wanna update? Here's your update....

I have so many different things I want to write about and they all go jumbling together. Then I over think that I might make someone upset by the things I post and I shouldn't think that way because this is my blog and if you don't like it don't read it. The things I say and write on here are my opinions, thoughts and feelings. I own them and do not ask you to own them.
Hopefully I can update this more during the summer. I really do miss writing and getting my thoughts out of my head. I just need to stop thinking and write.
So, if I have any readers left hang in there. I'll be back!