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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Come sail away...

Packers are here RIGHT NOW! They are packing up all the stuff that is going on the ship for us to use in Singapore. We won't see any of this for 7-9 weeks if it all goes well.

I am such an American. It has been a little hard deciding what all needs to go and what all we need to store for the next 2 years. I like my stuff. I like having it all near me whether I use it or not. I like knowing that JUST IN CASE I need it my stuff is somewhere in my house. Give me a minute and I can find it, or find something that I had forgot I even had!

I have done it, I have taken a house that started with almost 20,000 pounds (or 9072 kg, look at me being all Singaporean!) just 4 short years ago when we moved to Utah and have condensed it down to a little over 3000 pounds..wait for it..or 1361 kilograms! It wasn't easy and at some point I started thinking that if I don't need it for the next 2 years do I really need it at all? I do, I can't part with ALL My stuff!

I'm sad and I'm excited. We are getting so close to learning so many new and wonderful things. And having new things to drive us insane! Goodbye stuff, come sail away with me to a whole new adventure!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think it's that time of the month

NO! not that time of the month! Silly people. It's that time to say goodbye to my friends and adopted family here in Utah. We leave in 2 weeks, flying out Sept. 30. So, I finally took some time today to get down to the school I use to work at and say good bye to the friends I had made there. I'm just not very good at goodbyes.
However, I did it. I try to make it a point in my life to let people know that they have touched my life and have made a difference. I don't think there was one person I worked with that I don't care about in some way but I do have my favorites! I have 2 adopted moms at that school. They made my days happy and gave me hugs when I wasn't happy. I know in my heart that these 2 women always have my best interests at heart and that they truly care about me. I'm so glad I made the time to go see them and let them know how I feel. Life is unpredictable and I wanted to make sure that these wonderful ladies knew that I loved them. Like I said, those things have become very important to me.

What I wasn't prepared for was that those 2 women told me that I also made a difference in their lives. ME, just a little nerdy nebraskan girl who is self conscious at times and has her foot in her mouth the rest of the time. When I started the job I knew I would make a difference in some of the kids I worked with but I never knew I'd make a differene with grown WOMEN. I found out I like this feeling. I see now why people dedicate their lives to helping others.

You often think that in order to make a difference it needs to be something in grand proportions. But in all honesty I think it is all the little things that add up. The hugs, the smiles, the how you do's the quick compliments. Whatever it is it can make a difference in someones life. And you know, the not even trying is the best part of making a difference I think. I was just myself, quirky in all my glory! I didn't pretend to be someone else or make apologies for who I am. I was me and they love me! That is a great feeling.

I think I have the best network of friends I have ever had in my life ad I am very grateful for all of them! So, if you are reading this and you consider yourself my friend then thank you. Thank you for making a difference in my life no matter how small or how big it mattered. 

I said it before it was just that time of the month to say THANK YOU! I love you all and am so glad that God has put me in your path to meet you and learn from you all.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My life is not my own

Ugh and double Ugh! I'm ready to be done and in Singapore. And then I'm ready to just stay here and say to hell with it! There are just too many people involved in my life! We have so many "experts" assigned to us that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Information is getting messed up, paperwork is coming dangerously close to not getting done and I am stuck in the middle all confused and wondering WTF just happened! I keep reminding myself that it's getting closer and it will soon be OVER. That all of this is just part of the adventure but right now, I'm done adventuring. I want to sit in my own little corner where I KNOW what's going to happen and just RELAX! Maybe by Christmas? NO, I'm sure there will be something else. Bob and I seem to be excelling the more there is on our plate and usually that's not us. I'm just tired of it...I want my life back! I want to make the decisions and KNOW what I'm doing instead of making a wild guess and hoping for the best. Excuse me while I go kick and scream until I feel better, the candy hasn't been working.