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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Come sail away...

Packers are here RIGHT NOW! They are packing up all the stuff that is going on the ship for us to use in Singapore. We won't see any of this for 7-9 weeks if it all goes well.

I am such an American. It has been a little hard deciding what all needs to go and what all we need to store for the next 2 years. I like my stuff. I like having it all near me whether I use it or not. I like knowing that JUST IN CASE I need it my stuff is somewhere in my house. Give me a minute and I can find it, or find something that I had forgot I even had!

I have done it, I have taken a house that started with almost 20,000 pounds (or 9072 kg, look at me being all Singaporean!) just 4 short years ago when we moved to Utah and have condensed it down to a little over 3000 pounds..wait for it..or 1361 kilograms! It wasn't easy and at some point I started thinking that if I don't need it for the next 2 years do I really need it at all? I do, I can't part with ALL My stuff!

I'm sad and I'm excited. We are getting so close to learning so many new and wonderful things. And having new things to drive us insane! Goodbye stuff, come sail away with me to a whole new adventure!

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Andrea said...

Welcome to Singapore! I'm all caught up on your recent adventures. It is quite an adventure living here isn't it??? :) Every day, sometimes every step, brings something new. Still after almost 18 months... It gets easier. Shopping gets better. The budget isn't always insane and you get in a groove. The one year mark for me was monumental for me. Hope that's not discouraging. Thanks for linking the recipe blog and the helpful info page! I'm honored. Let me know if you find someething I haven't. I love hearing about new things and new places.