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Sunday, August 31, 2008

First days of school

This year all the kids had their own first day of school. I dreaded it at first but it worked out well and was a little easier for me. It won't be like that next year so I hope the kids enjoyed it.

Greyson started first with his 7th grade only day. He left for the day without a backwards glance and when he came back home he was so exicted about his classes. I love seeing the sparkle back in his eye when he is excited about learning. His mind starts to work harder and he comes up with the most interesting ideas. I might miss him during the school days but seeing the excitement he gets just being in school and engaging his mind is totally worth my little bit of sadness.

Natalie was next and started 2nd grade on the "regular" first day of school. She was also excited but not to learn but to see her friends and meet new ones. She does love learning new things but the social part is her forte. She also came home very excited and full of talk about all the kids in her class. They even did a math page on her first day of school and she LOVED it. Math is her favorite subject at this time. I also miss her during the day but seeing her and her friends is so fun to see.

Last comes Jake. Kindergarten starts a week later at their school and so he had one extra week with me. He was a little scared but excited to finally be at school. He let me walk him to the line and wait with him but not go into the school. He has made new friends and while he may not remember their names he can tell you how their hair is cut. Anything he learns at school has been a "secret" so I have to listen to how his day went when he talks to Natalie. He was my hardest to let go since he was the baby but it has been good for both of us. I'm sure he'll love school as much as the other two once he gets more use to it.

SO, they are all in school for the day. Jake comes home after half a day and it is nice to still have him for a little bit of one on one time. Greyson gets home first and we have a quick talk about his day and then Natalie is last and we talk about who did what and then about school. I was worried about them all getting home at different times but it has really let me have alone to with all of them and it isn't a huge race to talk first with all of them. My hours with Jake at school go way too fast and I think I have overbooked myself with things to do. I love watching my kids grow up no matter how much I miss them. It's nice to be able to have conversations with them and to hear how their minds work. I'm excited to see how the whole year goes, even all those after school meltdowns, homework hassles, and project deadlines.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Men I can divorce (give up) my husband for..

This subject has been on a ton of blogs lately and I don't want to be left out. So here goes......
We all have those men that we have no chance in hell to ever meet but they are on the list of just in case I should see them I can give them a huge smooch and not feel guilty about it at all. My husband has Angelina Jolie on his list and the kick ass woman from that TV show called The Pretender. He has 2, good boy, me? well I have alot. Let's start with...
Zac Efron- no he is not of age yet. However he will be in October and just in time for my Anniversary. So I may just hang out in Park City and see if he shows up. He has the most amazing blue eyes!!
Moving on to .....
Patrick Dempsey- I liked him even before Grey's Anatomy. His hair just screams for my fingers to be run through them. His smile is inviting and He looks like he'd be funny and kind. I'd gladly just hang with him and talk/stare.
The guy from Scrubs. Zach Braff, he also has curly hair. I'm a sucker for curly hair on men and yet my husband has straight.
Say hello to...
Brad Pitt, even though he did cheat on Jen I forgive him. Can't forgive Tom Cruise but Brad, yeah I forgive him and would love to trade parenting advice with him.
George Clooney-NOW, not even the ER days. I think he is much better now. AND he doesn't want to settle down. How much more perfect could he be? This way I won't worry about breaking his heart when I return to my loving husband. The other guys I might worry about breaking their hearts.
Owen Wilson can share his woes with me. I'm a great listener. But according to my husband his nose is shaped like a p****. Kind of makes me look at him differently
Then there are the men I don't really think are cute but they can sing. I don't want to smooch these boys, they can just serenade me with song. That list includes:
Michael Buble
Bryan Adams
Jon Bon Jovi
John (Cougar) Mellencamp
Travis Tritt
Miley's dad Billy Ray
Enrique Iglesias
Lead singer from Sugar Ray-Mark McGrath

I'm sure there are more but this will get you thinking of your own list. Leave your dream men on my comments or write your own post. I don't want any of you to feel left out of this new blogging sensation. THESE men might actually be able to recharge me. LOL.

( Dear Bob, I love you more then you know and am very thankful that you indulge me with this list and even give me suggestions from time to time. Just another reason why we were meant to be together)
Amber--you still bored?

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm on strike....

Let me start with my disclaimer: I love my husband and kids. I even think I love the dog that pees everywhere in my house. I even love my stay at home mom job. I really do. BUT I AM SICK AND TIRED OF DOING EVERYTHING WITHOUT A SIMPLE THANKS. My family is taking me for granted and somehow this has become my fault. AH, no, wrong answer! I'm done, as of today.

I don't get paid for my job as a mom and that's fine but all I have ever asked for was a little respect here and there along with a few thanks and congratulations. But the last 6 months are CRAZY!! I feel like I'm just some dumb dog chasing her tail around. I clean, they mess up. I start nagging, nothing! I yell and then maybe they might just clean a little after throwing a fit or they stop cleaning because something else came up. Then I feel guilty for nagging. I want to do fun and inspiring things with my kids but when all I do is clean and cook and laundry where is the time to do all that?

Let me tell you where, it comes from me going bonkers and never feeling caught up. I try and make time for everything everyone wants to do and most days I succeed at the cost of my sanity and just a few special moments of my own time. Time that I need and crave. And then sometimes I don't even enjoy the time we do have together, I HATE THAT!! What I get in return is a bad attitude and my kids (and sometimes my husband) somehow thinking that everything they want or need is done by magic. I am not a well of eternal giving and cleaning up after. I need to be replenished every now and again. Call me needy but I do. And to my dear husband, sex does not always recharge me--sorry to break it to you.

I don't like continually yelling, I'm a person and not a broken record. They don't listen, they don't seem to care because they are right. I will get tired of looking at the mess and end up doing it myself. Maybe it is my fault and I really have tried to get things better. This strike is not my first idea. I have relaxed my standards, I have allowed messes for a few days, I've tried to be funny, I have talked to all family members about how I just need a "good job mom" or an "I really appreciate what you do", I've used bribes (incentive programs), I've told them we can do MORE fun things if only they helped BUT NO ONE IS LISTENING. Not only am I a broken record but my speakers must be broken also. And I can't even put it on my to do list because I can't find the time. ACCCKK!!!

As I sit here my whole family is cleaning. In all honesty--just between you and I-- I'd gladly clean the whole house by myself if I just felt that they appreciated me a little bit more. That what I do matters to them. But I'm not really happy and I actually feel somewhat guilty. Guilt is a mom's best friend. I know they are only cleaning because I threw a fit and said the word strike. (Thank you spongebob for teaching the kids something of value).

Anyone else feel this way? What would you do? Have I finally gone over the deep end? Maybe I should just check myself into an insane asylum. I need the rest.

And do you know what else is going to happen? Seriously do you? I'll have to be the one to come up with the "new" chore list and make sure that they all have them done. Does that sound fun? Does it sound fair? I truly am the CEO of my home, all rules and regulations are made and enforced by me. I should fire them all but I am truly in love with every single one of those hooligans and the sex starved maniac in my life.

What's a girl to do? Give me your answers or just commiserate with me. I need it.

P.S. This article is not about me but it says so much.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Has anyone seen this movie yet? It has Chritina Ricci and James Mcavoy. It was produced by Reese Witherspoon and she has a small role in it also.



The movie is all about being who you are and how no one else can fulfill your needs. I loved it. I've watched it a few times with Natalie and she loves it. The message it sends is great and definitely something I want her to know. Another message it sends is to accept people for who and what they are. It's a must see and I think I may have to buy this one. I'm a sucker for a movie with a lesson. My kids are learning and they have no clue, I love tricking them into good things.

SO, go rent the movie, go buy it, go borrow it, or get it on PPV. Just go watch it. It is great and you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We have all had times of helplessness. I use to feel helpless when my kids were babies and no matter what I did they would cry and cry and then cry some more. I erroneously thought that those helpless feelings would subside as my kids become older. NOT SO!!

My children have started school. I am helpless of the things that they will see at school or conversations they may hear. I'm so helpless in stopping them from growing and figuring out the world. I'm helpless whenever they become sick, even though they can tell me what's wrong. So much of parenting is just being helpless and yet being there in someway for your kids.

However, this week I am feeling so helpless about my sister Krissy. She is still having problems related to her Kidney stones. She has been in the hospital for the past 24 hours and I'm here in Utah feeling helpless. I can do nothing except wait for updates and hope that she gets better, hope that I am not making a mistake for not being there right now. I'm so helpless to do anything and yet I know she is in capable hands in another of my sisters. I know they are doing everything they can. I know it would not make one iota difference if I was there or not. It would make me feel better but nothing would be done differently. I feel so helpless that I go from crying, to yelling, to pacing and then back to crying. I just want to hug them all and say how sad I am and yet how proud I am. Dealing with Dr.'s and nurses and health problems is not easy and those two deserve gold medals. You just move on and do the best you can, perhaps you learn from it. Those two know what they are doing and I admire them, I miss them and I want to be with them. Just to make myself feel better.

I'm helpless. It's life. It is not the first time and it is not the last. Since I live farther away from my family I have dealt with this before, I will again. But it never gets any easier just as it doesn't get easier with my children.

Monday, August 18, 2008

This one's dedicated to someone I love.....

My sister Krissy had surgery this afternoon for Kidney stones. This is the 5th or 100th time she's had kidney stones (I lose count) but the first time she has had actual surgery. So this blog post is dedicated to her.

Facts about Krissy:

  • She is a December baby.
  • She is Number 3 of 4 in the sister lineup
  • She is outgoing
  • She is quirky
  • She gives more of herself than seems possible
  • She will help anyone, anywhere, at anytime, NO MATTER WHAT
  • She once was called Happy Face
  • She use to have THE loudest high pitch scream
  • She is funny
  • She likes to TP houses, or leaf houses
  • She loves traveling: Brazil, Africa-Gambia and other surrounding countries, New York, Ireland, Wales, These are just the ones I can remember and I'm sure she isn't finished
  • She is adventurous and takes many chances in her life no matter how nervous she is
  • She falls in love easily can get her heart broken to pieces and somehow still can be friends with the Jerk!!
  • She likes to show off her panties at weddings
  • She has more facebook friends than Me, Mom and Liz combined
  • She can be very private
  • She loves Mexican and freaks out when she doesn't eat it every 12 hours
  • She is a self described needy person
  • She thinks I have bushy eyebrows and ugly feet
  • She is not crazy
  • She is going to George Washington University in 2 days
  • She is more green than anyone I know
  • She knows how to embrace life, much to her health's chagrin
  • She has had kidney stones way too many times.

Facts about Kidney Stones: I'm sure Krissy already knows all this. She's a hot Geek, hence the education at GWU.

  • There are over 200 components found in Kidney stones
  • Louis C. Herring Laboratory has analyzed over 4 million calculi, more than all other stone laboratories in the United States combined.
  • Kidney stones come in virtually any color; but most are yellow to brown.
  • The shape and size of the stone may tell something about how it was formed.
  • Louis Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, lost the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 due wholly or in part from impaired kidney function resulting from kidney stone formation.

And in case she was unaware on how to prevent Kidney stones, I have some facts there too. (just a concerned sister).

  • Eat less meat-stick with the beans in your mexican food.
  • Drink 2 1/2 liters of water per day. NOT watered down alcholic drinks. Does not count.
  • Limit grapefruit juice-yeah like you drink alot of that-and cola, not sure if Mt. Dew counts or not, it's really not that acidic.
  • Keep a diet high in potassium and magnesium.
  • Supplements such as pyridoxine and magnesium. Dr. presribed to cut down on your oxalates that are making your kidney stones.
  • Limit your calcium and salt intake.

I love you Krissy. Hope you are feeling better. We've all been thinking of you and I have a candle going for you-Soy of course. If anyone else has little unkown facts about Krissy or Kidney Stones, let me know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The last days of summer

So, I finished my book and my "gest" blogger was glad. She said it was a lot of work. She took the job very seriously and was ready to update the minute she woke up. She's a funny girl. Let me do a little updating here.

It's the last week of summer vacation here. It's my last week of having any of my kids home full time. I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm a total mom. What do I do? I've been mom for so long I'm not sure I can do something just for me. Will my laundry and other various chores get done faster? Or will I think I have all the time in the world and never get anything done? When friends want me to exercise I can no longer use my kids as the excuse. I may actually have to lose my weight!! ACK!!

I miss my kids when they are not here. I miss them terribly. I also can't wait to have them gone. The first day I will sit in peace and quiet. No arguments, rock band, other assorted video games, warring music players between Hannah Montana and Spongebob, TV shows, games that somehow become more and more loud (seriously why did they not seem so loud when we bought them?) You get the picture.

I will also sit and cry because it is so quiet. Because it is another year before they leave me. It is another year that I have to give up the strings that hold them so tightly to me. Another year of gained independence. How have so many mothers before me done this? It can break my heart and yet I'm so proud of them when they accomplish their progress through life.

This is the natural progression of life. I know. I love it I hate it. I think I'm a little schizophrenic. I'll be fine after a few weeks and I'll never know how I existed with kids at home. They are all so excited, just like I once was. But could they not just send me condolence card? Just to mourn the passing of yet another summer of childhood.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gest Blogger

This is my cousin Vivian.isn't she cute?I love her.She is funny.she smiles funny.She loves Dora the explorer.Ican't wate so i can see her again.

Gest Blogger

Hi,Agin my summer is allmost done.But... i'll have fun at school.My Techer is Mrs.Rebe.I hope that she' fun.I'll miss the summer.But least i have a school.I hope we not move again.well bye.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guest blogger

Hi my Natalie.Today is my Dentist Apt.It is at 1:30 in the afternoon.I mite get two silver teeth, or i'll get one pulled out & get one silver tooth, Or i'll get both pulled little brother & mom all have silver teeth.well Bye.

Attention please...

Edward and Bella have arrived in my home yesterday. I will be too busy reading their wonderful story to get anything done around the house. Much less get on here to blog. My wonderful daughter has volunteered to help me along with this chore, but not the house cleaning. Isn't she great? So, until the book is finished she will be my guest poster. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why I have to give up all yardwork.

This was in my front yard!!!
I will no longer be outside in case this anaconda comes and strangles me while I'm innocently weeding my flowers.
I feel sorry for all my neighbors but hey a girl needs to be proactive right? I wouldn't want channel 5 news interviewing them all when I'm found passed out on the lawn. This snake is so big it could cause a major pandemic. Bob says the snake is only about 3 inches long and I'm over reacting. But look for yourself! It's a monster!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

You just can't make this up

They couldn't clean this up because they were playing. Can you find the two little ones playing? Yeah, me neither the only child I see is the oldest and he's doing a good job of ignoring the mess and me while watching shark week.

Here are Jakes precious penguins. (the ones he can't possibly share) I think I hear them yelling "save us, we are too good for this mess, we can't even fly".
Hmm, maybe they are upstairs. I see they have left me a trail nice of them.

Ok, I think my kids have disappeared in the tornado that hit only MY house.

HARK!! I think I hear angels singing/giggling.......Hello? Jake? Nat? Are you in that mess?

Who us? What mess? Maybe you should think of it as job security mom. We were just trying to help you out.

And that folks is a day in my life.

Funny for the day

A man came home from work one day to find the front yard a mess with trikes, balls, candy wrappers and varius toys covering lawn and sidewalk; he entered the frontroom where he found the biggest mess of toys, games, puzzle pieces, newspapers, magazines and mail, strewn all over the entire room; he looked into the kitchen/dining room and saw dirty dishes in the sink, food coverd pots and pans on the stove and the table containing remains of both breakfast and dinner; he did not dare walk into the room for fear of sticking to the mess on the floor; he walked upstairs, avoiding more toys as he went; he passed the the bathroom with a mess of towels on the floor, toothpaste strung all over the sink and water dripping from a faucet in the tub not totally turned off, when he came into the bedroom he found his wife in bed reading a book. Worriedly he queried what happened? Her reply: “you know those days when you come home cynicaly asking ‘and so what did YOU all day today?’ Well today I didn’t”

And some people think I don't have a real job. It's not all blogging and bons bons everyday!!!!
Pictures to follow because I really just need to laugh about this and not get my panties all tied up. Life is just too short.