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Friday, August 29, 2008

Men I can divorce (give up) my husband for..

This subject has been on a ton of blogs lately and I don't want to be left out. So here goes......
We all have those men that we have no chance in hell to ever meet but they are on the list of just in case I should see them I can give them a huge smooch and not feel guilty about it at all. My husband has Angelina Jolie on his list and the kick ass woman from that TV show called The Pretender. He has 2, good boy, me? well I have alot. Let's start with...
Zac Efron- no he is not of age yet. However he will be in October and just in time for my Anniversary. So I may just hang out in Park City and see if he shows up. He has the most amazing blue eyes!!
Moving on to .....
Patrick Dempsey- I liked him even before Grey's Anatomy. His hair just screams for my fingers to be run through them. His smile is inviting and He looks like he'd be funny and kind. I'd gladly just hang with him and talk/stare.
The guy from Scrubs. Zach Braff, he also has curly hair. I'm a sucker for curly hair on men and yet my husband has straight.
Say hello to...
Brad Pitt, even though he did cheat on Jen I forgive him. Can't forgive Tom Cruise but Brad, yeah I forgive him and would love to trade parenting advice with him.
George Clooney-NOW, not even the ER days. I think he is much better now. AND he doesn't want to settle down. How much more perfect could he be? This way I won't worry about breaking his heart when I return to my loving husband. The other guys I might worry about breaking their hearts.
Owen Wilson can share his woes with me. I'm a great listener. But according to my husband his nose is shaped like a p****. Kind of makes me look at him differently
Then there are the men I don't really think are cute but they can sing. I don't want to smooch these boys, they can just serenade me with song. That list includes:
Michael Buble
Bryan Adams
Jon Bon Jovi
John (Cougar) Mellencamp
Travis Tritt
Miley's dad Billy Ray
Enrique Iglesias
Lead singer from Sugar Ray-Mark McGrath

I'm sure there are more but this will get you thinking of your own list. Leave your dream men on my comments or write your own post. I don't want any of you to feel left out of this new blogging sensation. THESE men might actually be able to recharge me. LOL.

( Dear Bob, I love you more then you know and am very thankful that you indulge me with this list and even give me suggestions from time to time. Just another reason why we were meant to be together)
Amber--you still bored?


SILLYA said...

Funny-- my list is about the same as yours -- WITHOUT ZAC F-ron, I can't get over the teeny-bopper heart-throb pandemonium -- no offense-
Obviously you and I share similar taste, as I read a blog with this same subject yesterday-- my list went like (order changed a tad): Patrick--the hair, the eyes, the hair, the mouth, the hair... you get the idea, Owen-- I love the duh-- I'm a farm boy look, talk, physique, physique-- did I mention I like his body, tan, physique? and the hair...I'll have to take a 2nd look at his nose...I don't think it will be a problem), Brad--all around beautiful specimen, married to a all around perfect specimen and Zach Braff (mostly for that "what'd I really like to do or say" dreamy look)-- Pucker-UP Boys!

Laurel said...

Hey, you want some Mary Kay lipstick to go with that pucker? I have plenty I'm trying to get rid of.

HOw'd you like that shameless plug?

No offense taken with Mr. Efron. One less person to compete with when he finally comes around to my neighborhood (and closer to my age).

SILLYA said...

Do I have a HAIR issue? I think I may--I love the wavy longer hair-- But I also love the baldness of my lover-boy husband who is as bald as a billiard ball and I also am fond of Vin Diesel-- I like a man that is confident in his baldness.

As for the lipstick-- maybe-- I also need some eyeshadow-- how's that supply?

Laurel said...

See, I also love my husbands thick manly hair. Talk about running your fingers through something. I never even dated a guy with curly hair!! Not really sure where this fetish came from.

Supply??? TOO MUCH!! Free shipping. I hate having it all in my house. I'm going through apurge stage and "extra" stuff bothers me.

Theresa said...

Ok...I made my list on my blog. You are dirty! Zac Efron! Yucky!!!

Jill Shalvis said...

Nice list!

Laurel said...

Jill, I totally got the idea from you first and then it was too late to leave a commnent. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for "the list" idea.

Kimberly said...

Hehe! This is a great list! I don't have a husband to leave for any other man, but I can dig this group of hotties! :)
Thanks for saying my classroom is cute :) I appreciate it! I'm in honest want of swimsuits for the bears so if you really have some for give away, I'd love it! :)

kietagirl said...

LOL! I LOVE Owen too, but I agree with your husband...his nose just looks like a...*ahem*...:) Also, I'm pretty sure I'd be fine if Matthew McConaughey & Christian Bale wanted to come visit our neighborhood:)

Laurel said...

I totally forgot about Matthew and Christian. Hope they forgive me. You know we have a house for sale across the street. Let's have all those men move in and we can just stare at them all day from my front porch. SOooo productive.

Canesa said...

WHAT? You don't think Enrique is hot?! Are you kidding me? I could drown in that gorgeous man's eyes! You must have been mistaken to add him on the "I don't think they are cute" list! You were mistaken, right!