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Monday, August 18, 2008

This one's dedicated to someone I love.....

My sister Krissy had surgery this afternoon for Kidney stones. This is the 5th or 100th time she's had kidney stones (I lose count) but the first time she has had actual surgery. So this blog post is dedicated to her.

Facts about Krissy:

  • She is a December baby.
  • She is Number 3 of 4 in the sister lineup
  • She is outgoing
  • She is quirky
  • She gives more of herself than seems possible
  • She will help anyone, anywhere, at anytime, NO MATTER WHAT
  • She once was called Happy Face
  • She use to have THE loudest high pitch scream
  • She is funny
  • She likes to TP houses, or leaf houses
  • She loves traveling: Brazil, Africa-Gambia and other surrounding countries, New York, Ireland, Wales, These are just the ones I can remember and I'm sure she isn't finished
  • She is adventurous and takes many chances in her life no matter how nervous she is
  • She falls in love easily can get her heart broken to pieces and somehow still can be friends with the Jerk!!
  • She likes to show off her panties at weddings
  • She has more facebook friends than Me, Mom and Liz combined
  • She can be very private
  • She loves Mexican and freaks out when she doesn't eat it every 12 hours
  • She is a self described needy person
  • She thinks I have bushy eyebrows and ugly feet
  • She is not crazy
  • She is going to George Washington University in 2 days
  • She is more green than anyone I know
  • She knows how to embrace life, much to her health's chagrin
  • She has had kidney stones way too many times.

Facts about Kidney Stones: I'm sure Krissy already knows all this. She's a hot Geek, hence the education at GWU.

  • There are over 200 components found in Kidney stones
  • Louis C. Herring Laboratory has analyzed over 4 million calculi, more than all other stone laboratories in the United States combined.
  • Kidney stones come in virtually any color; but most are yellow to brown.
  • The shape and size of the stone may tell something about how it was formed.
  • Louis Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, lost the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 due wholly or in part from impaired kidney function resulting from kidney stone formation.

And in case she was unaware on how to prevent Kidney stones, I have some facts there too. (just a concerned sister).

  • Eat less meat-stick with the beans in your mexican food.
  • Drink 2 1/2 liters of water per day. NOT watered down alcholic drinks. Does not count.
  • Limit grapefruit juice-yeah like you drink alot of that-and cola, not sure if Mt. Dew counts or not, it's really not that acidic.
  • Keep a diet high in potassium and magnesium.
  • Supplements such as pyridoxine and magnesium. Dr. presribed to cut down on your oxalates that are making your kidney stones.
  • Limit your calcium and salt intake.

I love you Krissy. Hope you are feeling better. We've all been thinking of you and I have a candle going for you-Soy of course. If anyone else has little unkown facts about Krissy or Kidney Stones, let me know.

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Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog! I know I haven't been very exciting lately, but things have been crazy! Its nice to know there are other people in Utah who aren't born and bred Utahns. It makes me breathe a little easier!

I will have to add you to my list so I can start reading your blog too. Thanks for your sweet comments!