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Saturday, August 2, 2008

You just can't make this up

They couldn't clean this up because they were playing. Can you find the two little ones playing? Yeah, me neither the only child I see is the oldest and he's doing a good job of ignoring the mess and me while watching shark week.

Here are Jakes precious penguins. (the ones he can't possibly share) I think I hear them yelling "save us, we are too good for this mess, we can't even fly".
Hmm, maybe they are upstairs. I see they have left me a trail nice of them.

Ok, I think my kids have disappeared in the tornado that hit only MY house.

HARK!! I think I hear angels singing/giggling.......Hello? Jake? Nat? Are you in that mess?

Who us? What mess? Maybe you should think of it as job security mom. We were just trying to help you out.

And that folks is a day in my life.


Theresa said...

I was scared for a bit thinking you did nothing all day. I read your picture blog first, and I was like holy cow, her house is a mess. Than, I read this one, and I'm like...oh, she just needed a day off. Cool! :) Sorry I ever doubted you! :)

Theresa said...

and...clearly, I'm an idiot because I commented on the picture blog...not the funny one! Oops

Laurel said...

I kind of messed up and put the posts in the wrong places. OOPS.

SILLYA said...

I feel normal now! thanks! look how content and happy they are-- it's not all about a clean house...

Laurel said...

I agree with everything you said. Someday my house will be spotless but no kids. I need to enjoy this time more. House cleaning becomes such a battle somedays that I sometimes wonder if it is really worth it. Oh well, they had fun with me making fun of them.