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Sunday, August 31, 2008

First days of school

This year all the kids had their own first day of school. I dreaded it at first but it worked out well and was a little easier for me. It won't be like that next year so I hope the kids enjoyed it.

Greyson started first with his 7th grade only day. He left for the day without a backwards glance and when he came back home he was so exicted about his classes. I love seeing the sparkle back in his eye when he is excited about learning. His mind starts to work harder and he comes up with the most interesting ideas. I might miss him during the school days but seeing the excitement he gets just being in school and engaging his mind is totally worth my little bit of sadness.

Natalie was next and started 2nd grade on the "regular" first day of school. She was also excited but not to learn but to see her friends and meet new ones. She does love learning new things but the social part is her forte. She also came home very excited and full of talk about all the kids in her class. They even did a math page on her first day of school and she LOVED it. Math is her favorite subject at this time. I also miss her during the day but seeing her and her friends is so fun to see.

Last comes Jake. Kindergarten starts a week later at their school and so he had one extra week with me. He was a little scared but excited to finally be at school. He let me walk him to the line and wait with him but not go into the school. He has made new friends and while he may not remember their names he can tell you how their hair is cut. Anything he learns at school has been a "secret" so I have to listen to how his day went when he talks to Natalie. He was my hardest to let go since he was the baby but it has been good for both of us. I'm sure he'll love school as much as the other two once he gets more use to it.

SO, they are all in school for the day. Jake comes home after half a day and it is nice to still have him for a little bit of one on one time. Greyson gets home first and we have a quick talk about his day and then Natalie is last and we talk about who did what and then about school. I was worried about them all getting home at different times but it has really let me have alone to with all of them and it isn't a huge race to talk first with all of them. My hours with Jake at school go way too fast and I think I have overbooked myself with things to do. I love watching my kids grow up no matter how much I miss them. It's nice to be able to have conversations with them and to hear how their minds work. I'm excited to see how the whole year goes, even all those after school meltdowns, homework hassles, and project deadlines.

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