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Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh Nooo They Di n't

Who's the jerk who ruined my Twilight Saga?
I just found out that Midnight Sun is on hold indefinitely.
Go here for the full story.

Dumb jerks. How dare they. I feel like crying. I was sooooo looking forward to this book.
This is why people should follow the rules and regulations of a moral society. (shout out to my mom there). Those people who thought they were being cute and funny just ruined it for all us people who do follow the RandR'S.
UGGGHHHH. I'm not one for corporal punishment but let's hang the dumb***.
Yeah, I know I should get a life but I totally loved those books and could NOT wait until the book came out.
I also feel sorry for Stephenie to have so much time and thought put into a book and someone steals it from you is just nasty.
I found out from an application on facebook for "flair" as they call it. Here's the button that ruined my night.
and now I won't ever be able to put another flair on my facebook page without worrying what kind of button will pop out at me and ruin my time.
That's what happens when other people poop on someone elses parade. Dumb internet leakers anyway. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!!!!!

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