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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My kids are a bunch of overachievers

My kids have become such overachievers that I just want to cry. Everyday they do something new to my amazement.
For example, When Natalie gets mad she doesn't just say she's mad oh no, my daughter wants to go above and beyond so she throws things and yells at me whether I was the problem in the first place or not. Whenever she argues with me she doesn't just stop when I give her "that look" she continues to strive for more and keep arguing. When she has a bad day she doesn't just sit and talk with me about it she aims high and cries and sobs so uncontrollably that she practically passes out. Not to mention the way she goes from semi upset to the whole world hates her in like 2 seconds or less. Such an over achiever.
Next let me brag about Jake and his skills to go for the unreachable. He never seems to stop whatever he's doing when I ask him to. Because he wants to become an overachiever he does whatever it is 5 or more times. Just to make sure he achieved his goal of annoying me. Or Jake doesn't just stop squeezing the cat after the cat scratched him he goes on to squeeze just a few more times, he's really trying to perfect his squeezing abilities without getting scratched. And when he plays with his cars he won't just make a mess in one room, nope that's for underacheivers, Jake makes a mess in every single room of the house.
Jake and Natalie together can also be overachievers because when they argue they are not satisfied with arguing about just one thing, oh gosh no not my sweet little babies. They need to argue about everything that the other has ever done wrong to them in the last 7 or 5 years respectively. And just to make sure that they are true overachievers they have begun to punch and tackle eachother and, well, Natalie can really kick some boy butt. Those two also seem to have ESP which really is a mark of the overachiever. They can both tell me what the other one was thinking or was going to do before it even happens. Now, truly who's kids are so good at ESP?
It just makes a mother want to cry.


SILLYA said...

I've got some scholars of my own. Ain't it fun? I didn't read anything about Greyson-- has he settled for mediocre?

Laurel said...

Yeah, he's too busy being "normal" to actually get in my way. It is fun and I really wouldn't trade this job for anything but somedays I need to make a joke or I really will cry.