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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, I was going to start out this post as a where was I on that fateful day. But then I realized that to me it doesn't matter. I witnessed something so awful and heartbreaking that it really does not matter if I was at home, work, or in space. I was an American and was being indirectly attacked.
I remember that day, my thoughts, my feelings, my disbelief, my shock and yes, my fear. I think that I will always remember it with great clarity.
I also remember crying for people I didn't even know. All those victims and even the terrorists. How much hate was in their heart and soul to think that killing innocent people and themselves would do any good.
I remember watching all doctors and nurses at the triage units standing around waiting for the injured to come in and the sadness on thier faces when no one came.
I remember seeing the shock on President Bush's face when told the news. He truly shone that day.
I remember the voices of Katie Couric and Matt Lauer as the buildings collapsed and remember thanking god that I lived somewhere else and in the next breath feeling guilty for those thoughts.
I remember praying for people I didn't know and thinking that if I'm scared and sad then how are the families of the victims feeling.
and then...
I remember us Americans banding together to be one. To take a stand on these devastating events.
I remember the flags going up everywhere.
I remember that people began to reach out to neighbors and strangers and no longer lived their own lives.
America was once again UNITED.
To me that said it all. We are Americans, we can survive, we will become better because of this. And those terrorists will still be filled with hatred.
So, today let's remember that comraderie. Let's remember that we have survived these last 7 years. WE are AMERICANS we can overcome anything.
Go say hi to an old friend. Thank a neighbor for something small. Get out of your houses and become a nation united once again.


SILLYA said...

BEAUTIFUL<~>BEAUTIFUL-- you bring tears to my eyes. I put a link to this on my blog-- you are amazing! Thanks for being a great friend!

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Very nicely said. Even though it was a horrible time for our nation, it did feel good to be united, and the renewed patriotism was amazing. How quickly we all forget....

Kimberly said...

It was a horrible event, yet we all pulled together somehow. I was overseas at the time and even there, far away from "home," I felt the pull of my American roots and the comraderie that came from being united through tragedy.
Nicely said!