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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time off

Bob took off this week on Monday and Tuesday. We were going to clean the house together and purge all of our old things from the move that we aren't using. Finally get all that stuff out of the boxes in the basement and start thinking of finishing the basement. We moved almost 2 years ago in case anyone was wondering. Instead of actually cleaning the house we took time off. Jake was at school in the AM and the other kids until later in the day both days. I had my husband to myself for both those mornings. ALL TO MYSELF. We haven't done that forever.

We had a really good time. Sometimes you get so caught up in life, parenting, work, families, etc. etc. that you forget how much fun you can have together. Still after 16 years together (14 married) I love his company. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me enjoy being alive. You can forget sometimes that you actually like your husband because you do get so bogged down with all those life things. These last two days made me remember that we still have life things but we also still enjoy being around eachother and he is still my soul mate no matter how much he can piss me off. His two days off were good for both of us.

What did we do? NOTHING. We rode the ATV into the mountains here and just talked. Enjoyed the scenery and all that kind of stuff. I'm kind of behind on my work but it was well worth it. At one point I told Bob that I should have brought my camera so I could add some pictures to my blog and he whips out the camera. He always seems to have my back. Here are some of the pics of our morning.

View from the top. We could see all the kids schools. Plus most of Utah lake. As a Nebraska girl I love these Mountains.

We were about halfway up the moutain and this is what we see looking back.

This view is only half way up too. Bob really zoomed in on the trees. We can see those trees from our front porch but they are really blurry and you aren't really sure if it is just part of the mountain or really trees.

Another view from about halfway up. Our houseis actually in the picture. You don't get these views in Nebraska.

These next ones are my favorite. I was looking around to see if I could find any deer but instead I found these:

Yep, it looks like a full skeleton of a deer. I found just about everything but the skull. My favorite one is the vertebrae still in tact in the upper left. We brought some pieces down for the kids and they l0ved it.

This is the man who holds my heart.

P.S. I have spent the better part of the last hour trying to get rid of all those damn spaces. I quit and you all will just have to deal with it. SO THERE!!! Stupid thing anyway..exit muttering.

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