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Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is one of the funny signs I found while at the Airport.
My biggest question was what if you are in between the toilets?
Do you go right to the one you just saw or go to the left and keep your eyes open?
Or do you just stand there confused?
I'm sure I know people who would do all 3! Not the same person, I hope!
However, I am glad that there are signs to tell you and I don't have to hunt EVERYWHERE for the bathroom! That is not fun at all, especially when you or your child REALLY has to go.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My 7 links

I was recently nominated by  my friend and fellow expat blogger Bec to participate in the Seven Links Project. The Seven links Blog Project is a way of uniting bloggers together and to share some forgotten blog posts and then nominate other bloggers to participate. So, I looked through all my blog posts this morning took a nice trip down memory lane. I don't like to brag but all my posts are pretty good, here are my 7 most.....

Most Beautiful 

I know I'm going against the rules here but I have two I love. So, you decide which one you like and ignore the other! I have this one.... because it has 2 of my kids, my husband and my cat that I really do miss. The only thing wrong with it is Greyson isn't in it. My other most beautiful post would have to the one about Sweetarts. Mostly I think it deserves most beautiful because it's words of wisdom from my mom and it's carried me through many bumps in the road of life. 

Next up...
Most Popular 
This one was a little tough for me. I ended up picking the one that BECAME my most favorite outside of my blog. Which had to be this one titled ...ADDICTION.  This post didn't have the most comments or even the most views HOWEVER, it did have the most recipients. We bought a ton of these shoe/slippers and gave them out as gifts! TO EVERYONE we had ever met it felt like. The shoes were quite popular and I miss wearing them but the fur is just too hot for my tropical paradise. 

Now we have the post for...
Most Controversial 
This one got chose only because it has the word KILL in it and it really would be a hard decision to make! I think if my husband has said that to me there would be one less husband walking this earth.

Now we have the
Most Helpful 
I don't write helpful posts. I'm not an expert in much of anything and I really just like to write about me and how I feel, that's something that I am an expert at! So, this one had me puzzled but I found the post entitled...That time of the month. It happened almost one full year ago! I chose it because it made me remember that being helpful is good, but being myself helps ME even more!

We move onto
The Most Surprisingly Successful post
This one still gets comments! That is why I chose Something for my exercising friends as the most successful. Most of the comments are spam but once in awhile I get a funny one. A few months ago I had one in another language and it sounded like they wanted to actually BUY one!

Onto the
Most Underrated
This one was totally about me and the role music plays in my life. I think I need to update it because I have more music to add. The soundtrack of my life is funny but it is part of me. Music plays a big role in my life. It describes me in many ways, it helps me through bad times, is right alongside me in good times and just seems to always be in the background. I can do ANYTHING with music, well, except sing but whatever. I chose it as most underrated because it really is a good description of me and I think most people read it and think it's just a funny.

And finally the post that I am
Most Proud of 
The Ying to my Yang is the post I am most proud of. Marriage is hard. It takes work, understanding and sometimes tough love. But ours is still strong after almost 20 years together. It hasn't been easy but the hard work makes me so proud. I am proud to call Bob my husband. He really is the best compliment I could have for myself. We fit well and for that I am proud.

In turn I am going to nominate
1. Canesa, I see she has been blogging lately and I want to see some of her older posts again.
2. Tanya who is also a friend, fellow expat and blogger. She'll see how far she has come in her few short months here in Singapore. Memory lane is wonderful!
3. Andrea who is also a friend, a fellow expat and most importantly a HELPFUL blogger.
Good luck Girls.