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Friday, May 1, 2009


A friend of mine recently turned me onto these new types of slipper shoes. They are soooo cute, sooo warm, and soooo fuzzy! They are girly but practical. Perfect for a quick run to the mailbox or go to the school and drop off your kids lunch that they forgot that morning.

Today we went shopping and I thought I'd get a few for my sisters and moms. This is what we came home with......

It was a really good sale! These babies are usually 30 and we got them for 8 each! Seriously, how can a person pass up that type of sale! Especially if that person loves shoes, shopping or just spending money.

Jake even got a pair and loves them. They also have bags, pillows and blankets.

My cat seems to like them too.


Canesa said...

Hey, I like to do my part! So glad I could help:)

Janes said...

Dang girl-you sure know how to shop. They must be really cute and comfy slippers by the looks of how much you bought! But I must say that was a deal and how could you pass that up.

Laurel said...

To be fair they aren't all mine. I'm a shopaholic but I still have a budget!!

AS Amber said...

Was my line busy when you tried to call and see if I wanted some? Nice.

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