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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate

Jake had a Kindergarten graduation ceremony on the 22nd and has officially become a 1st grader! He could really care less. Sitting up on stage he sang the songs and goofed off in usual Jake fashion. He's a smart kid but doesn't take school too seriously. He would rather be out at recess running and jumping then inside learning math or words. I know he knows the stuff because he comes home and recites things to me but he won't do it for the teacher's when asked. He might be the one we have to use the incentive program/bribe into doing schoolwork. Hope he likes hot wheels for a VERY LONG time.
Jake is so ready for summer. He is outside most of the day making friends with anyone who will talk to him. He keeps inviting other kids over for a party that I am unaware of until we have a bunch of kids here. I'm not complaining, I really like his outgoing personality, it keeps me on my toes.
I'm amazed that he'll be in school all day next year. I will miss our little shopping trips where he yells at me to go home and I tell him just one more store. I'll miss cuddling with him in a quiet house in the dead of winter. I'll miss his "cooking school" where he makes something totally disgusting but eats it anyway and tries to make me eat it too. I look forward to him learning more, because he does love it. I look forward to his stories of how the school day was. I look forward to the big grin he'll get when he fully realizes that he gets out of school the same time as the big kids.

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