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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exchange of texts with my Hubby

Me: Hey what do you think about NE for Christmas?
Him: NO, we have 4 extra dogs coming to our house.
Me: Oh Yeah, I forgot!
Him: Figures.

Sorry guys, I tried for a nice Christmas surprise. I had forgot that we were watching all those dogs. But feel free to take pictures of my family and make them into stick figures just so you don't miss us too much!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The obligatory Thankful post

Everyone is doing one right? Plus, I haven't updated my blog since my anniversary a WHOLE MONTH AGO! I better get something written here....
I'm a very thankful person this year and just about every year. Life is good for me. Sure there are bumps along the road but more than likely everything works out for the betterment of my life. I like to be thankful everyday or else life can become unbearable. If you are always out looking for the things you don't have instead of the things you do have life gets miserable!
Bob and I are still together after 15 years of marriage and 2 more dating/living together. We didn't think we would make it that far some years and we almost were divorced the first year. I'm very thankful for that man. He is my soul mate even if he drives me crazy somedays. He has helped me to become a better person. He understands ME and accepts me whether or not he agrees with me. He has given me 3 wondeful kids and it is also a bonus that he cooks well and is still pretty darn good looking.
Our kids are happy and healthy. Sure they have attitudes and we all argue sometimes but it's okay. That's what families do. They do well in school and they listen for the most part. But truly I am thankful that they are healthy and happy. They are fun to be around and I have learned patience and unconditional love because of them.
My extended family gives me alot to be thankful for too. I love having 3 sisters whether or not we argue, fight, judge or just plain hate eachother somedays. But that's okay too because we are all different and that is what gives us our relationships because I really don't think I could be friends with myself most days! I have learned from all of them and have broadened my horizons because of them. My mom has helped me to become the person I am too. I would not be such a great mom or caregiver if she had not shown me how to be.
My in-laws are also something I am thankful for. Not only did they raise my wonderful husband to be a good man and father they have also supported us in many of our dreams and desires. THey spoil my children and are fun to be around during.
I am thankful for my life. The twists and turns it has taken and the surprises it has held. I'm thankful for the dreams that got left behind or the things that just didn't work out. Everything has played a part in what I have today and I really am thankful for it all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playing hooky

I'm not going to go to work today. It is my 15th Wedding anniversary so I am playing hooky! My husband is too. I have no idea what we are going to do besides enjoy each others company. It's been a long time since we were able to be together and not get interrupted by kids. They will be at school all day! Even after all these years I really love his company. He makes me laugh and he makes me think. And sometimes we even think alike. He's made these 15 years fly by.
We've shared so much together it's nice to celebrate all those events and reflect back on how our lives have grown together. And of course to think about the future and the dreams we still have of things to do together.
This is still my most favorite post from last year.
Happy Anniversary BOb. Thanks for being my rock and making my life so much fun!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Too good not to share...

My oldest found this and shared it with me. I thought I'd share it with all of you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Take this job and

LOVE IT! I really do like my current job. Yes, I know it has only been 2 full weeks of working or just 10 days but it is fun and challenging. So, here's the story of how I became employed.

I was so excited for summer and to spend all this extra time with my kids. But they found friends and spent most of their time outside with them. I soon became bored. There is only so much cleaning you can do and only so far my budget can give for decorating. So I started thinking really hard about getting a part time job.

I don't have a college degree, I haven't worked for 10 years and I'm not really qualified for much. I wanted a job where I could still take care of my family and spend quality time together. I didn't really want to work nights and I definitely did not want to work weekends. So, I thought I'd start looking for a lunch lady postion in the schools around here. I soon found out there were ALOT more jobs in the district then just lunch lady. I went crazy applying for jobs, even if I didn't think I was qualified I went ahead and applied. I really didn't have anything to lose. I think I applied for over 20 jobs with the schools in my area. I only had 2 interviews for those applications.

My first interview was with a school down the hill from us. It was for the severly disabled kids. I was very nervous but felt that the interview went well. However, I didn't get the job. I was a little disappointed because I thought the school and hours would be a great fit for me. So I started applying for more jobs as a paraeducator. My second interview went well too but the hours would not have worked at all. I was getting no calls but lots of emails saying the positions I was applying for had already been filled. I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to take longer and I'd find things to do while the kids were at school.

However, I got a phone call the same week school started around here. It was from the first school I interviewed with for a paraeducator. They had an opening and wante to know if I was still interested!!! I took that job and started the following week! I then became an employeed mom!

I have only worked 10 days at the school but I love it. Some days aren't very fun but it's challenging and I am really good at taking care of people. I am a permanent sub in the building so I get to work in various classrooms. I get to help wherever they need me and I'm really good at that! I have fallen in love with many of the students already. Some are very challenging but in a good way. I have a different sense of fulfillment now. I have changed lots of diapers and had so much food wiped on me I feel like I have babies again. These students are wonderful. I may have actually found what I want to be when I grow up! Maybe even the teacher and not an aide!

It has also been good at home. Instead of me cleaning everything we have one hour every week where we all clean! My house is actually cleaner. And my kids seem to love it. They still complain but they love the responsibility. It really has been an easy transition. I was worried it might not be. It makes me feel that the time was definitely right for me to do this. I don't feel like I'm taking any time away from my family and that we are actually growing instead!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I didn't want to be a mom

I did play with dolls, I'm not going to lie. I really only played with them because of all the STUFF and the cute clothes you could get with the dolls. Barbies were more my thing because she had cars and beach houses, Barbie is my girl! I mostly thought of having kids AFTER I had a career. I needed the money to live like Barbie! I always thought I was too selfish to be a mom and would never make a very good mom.

All of this changed one day in August at the ripe young age of 22. I was pregnant. Bob and I were going to be parents. I kind of had a mini freak out. AND THEN.....I wanted to be a mom more than anything. I was ready. I was willing to be unselfish.

I did work for awhile after my oldest was born. He was 3 when I decided to quit working for a paycheck and become a full time mom and work for kisses and hugs instead. That was 10 years ago and I have loved being a mom and hated being a mom. It is one of the most rewarding and heartbreaking jobs I will ever have. It can also be very thankless. The main goal in parenting is to teach these little humans how to leave you and live on their own one day. I think that is very thankless!

I have found out over these many years that I am good at being a mom. I excel when I am taking care of other people and their needs. I like them wanting and needing ME! I like being my own boss or as I said many times the CEO of the HOME! I like thinking of new things to do with the kids, I love seeing when they learn new things. Of course their need and want of me actually fed into my selfishness! Who would have thought?

Many days I stayed in jammies and didn't once venture out of the house. I was in charge of EVERYTHING! It was good and it was bad. So many days I wondered what the heck I was doing and I wasn't cut out to be a mom. So many days I wouldn't give up because I was there with my kids during temper tantrums, illnesses, quiet days, loud days and happy days.

I have loved and hated every single minute of being a full time mother. I have truly enjoyed being with my kids. I am one of those moms that can't wait for school breaks and is sad to see them go back, even if they did drive me crazy all vacation! I may not have always been the best mom but they were not always the best of kids either so I think we are even.

Then this year my youngest started 1st grade! He is in school ALL DAY! I was going to just "retire" and enjoy my time off. But as the summer started slipping by I decided I wanted to get a job. I was getting bored at home. So, I began to search for something, anything because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. And finally I found a job!! (another post later about this one)

So I am now a mom with a paying job! But my most important and self satisfying job is being a mom to 3 beautiful and smart and funny kids. My kids have taught me so much about me and I really do miss them when they are gone. I would never in a million years picked motherhood as the one job I would love and be good at but I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it. And it will be so nice to open this next chapter in my life....working mom!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You must go check this out

Not sure how many of you are aware that my oldest has his own blogs but you must go check out this post.....
HILARIOUS. Maybe just because I was there when these words and phrases were "created". Funny stuff for a 13 year old. I sure love him.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I use to be a very Passive-aggressive person. Instead of saying anything that bothered me about you or your actions I would say snide remarks or ignore you all together. I hated that about me and feel it made me a very bitter and depressed person. Not really the way I want people to view me.
I now feel that being a passive-aggressive person robs others of the chance to grow as a person. How else will someone know what behaviors are bothersome unless someone tells them? Now I'm not saying to go tell your neighbor that her choice of flowers is disgusting because there should be some tact involved. However, if something offends me or I take something the wrong way I will ask. For my own peace of mind. I need to know. If I do not ask the other person may not know how offensive it is and I could end up carrying a grudge for something that may be easily explainable. Not really the way I want to live my life.
It is hard to ask for clarification sometimes but it has given me a more peaceful existence. I'm sure many of my friends are tired of me asking "what do you mean"? It is also hard to explain something that you either said without thinking, something that wasn't meant the way it was taken. I'm really bad at this and can sometimes make things harder-you know "dig your own grave". But my good friends and family understand this about me and still hear me out because sooner or later I get the right point across that I was trying to in the first place. Or I just apologize. This makes my life so much more enjoyable.
I've been seeing a lot of passive-aggressive behavior lately. It really stresses me out and leaves me with such a bad feeling. I think the world would be such a better place if people were honest and open, especially with those they love and care about. How else can people move forward and create lasting bonds or grow to be better people? From my limited years of experience I really haven't seen any good come from being passive-aggressive. Hurtful rumors and bad relationships are about all I've seen come from passive-aggressive behaviors. Just not the way I am choosing to live my life.
I still have things to work on in my life. I can still be passive-aggressive, I can still have low self-esteem, and I still want to throw things when I get really mad and frustrated. Those are the things I know I need to work on. I know there are more but if others play the passive-aggressive game how am I to know some of those other bad habits of mine?

Friday, July 10, 2009

WOW! Ignorance is alive....

Found this on one of my favorite news sites.

What do you say to this? I'm part Irish so are my kids, does that mean we aren't "real" americans? And what truly is the real definition of "real" American? Wouldn't that be British or maybe AMERICAN Indian? Or maybe, just a little thought, we should be tolerant of other people! Who cares color of skin or ethnic or religious background we are all God's people!

Reading this makes me wonder how many people actually think this way? Probably more than I ever want to know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real Housewife....not me

Just found this quiz for a 1930's housewife. After taking the quiz my results sat at 34. This means that I am a failure as a housewife (for the 1930's).
1930s Marital Scale

1930s Marital Scale
As a 1930s wife, I amPoor
0-24 - Very Poor (Failure)

25-41 - Poor
42-58 - Average
59-75 - Superior
76+ - Very Superior

Some of those questions, like darning socks, who does that anymore? Get dressed before breakfast? Yeah, not me! Or wear hose? I think the last time I ever wore pantyhose was when I got married! Yeah, good thing I was born in the 1970's because I would have had to be a man to survive the 1930's!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Worst mother of the year award--Michael Jackson's kids mom

I don't believe this woman! Why even put this out there? I feel really bad for those kids. Not only did their father pass away but now they have to hear how their mom was "just a vessel". Goes back to something my mom taught me: If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all"

Here's the story:

MICHAEL Jackson's two eldest kids face a tug-of-love battle after their mum Debbie Rowe confessed he was not their father.
In an astonishing interview Debbie - mother of Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 - said she was artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor.
And she told how, despite Jackson's death, she does not WANT custody of the children and NEVER expects to see them again.
Debbie (who lives on a farm surrounded by animals) said, ""I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm. Just like I stick the sperm up my horse, this is what they did to me. I was his thoroughbred."....
After Debbie gave birth to second child Paris, she couldn't have kids again, "The delivery was so hard. My insides were all torn up and I was barren. When he knew I couldn't have any more babies he didn't want anything to do with me."
Debbie says she will not fight for custody of Prince Michael or Paris, "I know I will never see them again. I was never cut out to be a mother - I was no good. I don't want these children in my life. My children are my animals now."

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Que Pasa

Last week we went into Downtown Boise for a lunch with Bob on Father's Day. We ended up looking around some of the little stores around there. They had some really cute ones but the one that stuck out the most was this one that had the best metal art I've ever seen. It's called Que Pasa and is owned by an amazing woman. There were also alot of other pieces of art there but the metal art was what drew us all in.
We stayed in this little shop for about an hour just talking to the lady who owned the shop and bought all the artwork. She has bought everything from a little town near Guadalajara from an art community. Everything is handmade and she can tell you the artist name and the name of the artwork, all in spanish. This lady will be 94 next month. She has a sweet soul and you can tell she is very passionate about her job.
We didn't buy anything that day but said we'd be back. Everything was well priced but I couldn't make up my mind and I couldn't afford to buy everything.
I couldn't get one piece of metal out of my head though and we returned today. We ended up buying the MOST amazing mermaid to go in our downstairs bathroom. She's beautiful.

We spent another hour or so talking to the owner again. Her name is Beverly Foster and she travels back to Mexico once a year and buys the artwork to go in her little shop. She loves what she does and knows alot of Spanish. She tried teaching the kids some and she even gave them a few little gifts. She recognized us when we came back in today and it really does make you feel special. She took an interest in not only our money but in us and it will make me feel good everyday I l0ok at our little mermaid.
I'm hoping to be able to buy some of her other metal art or even some of the blown glass. Everything was gorgeous whether it was my taste or not.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ice! Ice! Babbbyyyy.....

We made a little road trip this week to visit Bob while he is on "assignment".
So, we arrived last night (a day earlier just to surprise him) at his apartment. Because this is only a temporary apartment he doesn't have alot of the amenities you have when someplace is your actual "home". But here comes the real story.....
Greyson was getting himself a drink of water for bedtime. He kept looking at the frig all perplexed and finally walked over to the faucet and poured some water in his cup. He then looked at the frig again and opened up the frig, not the freezer part and asked where you get the ice. Bob opened up the freezer for him and pointed right to the ice cube trays. Grey took one out and looked at it very confused, I'm sure he was wondering how to get the tray into his little cup. Bob asked him if he knew how to use it and he was all NOooo, I've never seen one before. WHAT!!! I never laughed so hard. My child is soooo spoiled. Grey thought the trays were cool but he preferred the ice and water to be in the frig door. As he said it makes it easier to get when they are right next to eachother.
You just never think about all the things we take for granted or just overlook. Some things we have nowdays use to be considered luxury items-computers, tv's in every room, tivo's, remotes, ice makers. Enjoy your luxuries for someday your mom may take them away and you'll have to use the old ice cube trays. Grey should be happy that they weren't the really old fashioned ones with a lever to pull the ice cubes out! Think we'll go home and have a pioneer day just so they can see how darn easy they really have it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tip Junkie Birthday Bash....Day 3

Nope, I didn't win anything on day 1 and I never got around to doing a post for day 2 although there were some very cute jewelry products. So, we're going to try again for day 3. Things I want to win:
9. A Lexington bag in your choice of fabric from Venezie Bags, a $45 value.
I looked at her Etsy site and she has some really cute bags including diaper bags.

and this one:
2. Five 5×7 prints or 2 8×10 prints from L. Herbert Designs. Laryssa is also offering all Tip Junkies 10% off from June 17-19th, use coupon code TIPJUNKIE.
I've been redoing my house and I think her beach prints would look awesome in my downstairs bath.

So. Once again wish me luck. I'll try to post something of value someday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tip Junkie giveaway

I've been a fan of this Tip Junkie for awhile now. I find such cute and easy ideas to do or to pass onto friends and family. The site is jampacked with so many cool things from all over the internet. I LOVE IT.
This week she is celebrating her blogs 2nd birthday and going dot com with a cool birthday bash giveaway. I usually don't enter blog giveaways because the odds of me winning are so slim or I just plain forget to enter on the day your supposed to enter. BUT today I'm entering to win and I'll probably do it all week since I love some of the other sites that Tip Junkie promotes.
So, in order to enter the giveaway I needed to write a post (right here, check) and put her new button onto my blog (look to the left, check). I'm hoping to win this:
9. A $45 gift certificate (free shipping included) Labella Jewels.

As good friends or family members you are asked NOT to enter so that my chances of
winning are not reduced. There are plenty of other cute things for you to win. For instance:
11. A $35 gift certificate to Mazer Design. Her artwork is amazing!
1. A customized pair of “Emmie’s Girls” picture frames by Bibs and Cribs, a $40 value.
and who doesn't need one of these for the kids or just a messy eater
3. Four sets of the Baby Dipper bowl and spoon set, a $39.96 value.

So, keep your grubby hands to yourself and leave me to my slim chances.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Vacay.....YEAH

FINALLY! Our summer vacation is here. I don't know who is more excited me or the kids. I love having them home and spending time with them. The school year gets so busy with things that sometimes I can forget to enjoy the moment.
We don't have many plans for the summer except going to the pool and hanging out together. Bob is going to be gone for a few more weeks then we thought so we are going to be going to Boise for a week to visit.
All the kids have made plans with friends. Grey will be mowing a friends yard for some extra money. I need to have one more yard sale to get rid of the stuff from my last yard sale.
I hope this year that I can remember to spend more time with the kids. They grow so fast and don't need me as much as they have before. Every year I make tons of plans and put them off because we have so much time. Until that last month and we are rushing to get things done and I begin yelling at my kids to have a fun, happy summer.
I hope that I make good memories for the kids to reflect back on. That those times I yell at them don't cement in their minds.
I also hope that they listen a little more and argue a little less. But I don't think that will happen, they are kids afterall.
Happy summer to everyone. There are also 3 new posts below this one for your reading enjoyment.

Dancing Queen

Finally, Natalie. Her last week of school was really busy. The school does a dance festival for all the parents in lieu of a Christmas program. This is our 3rd year doing it and we always enjoy it. Natalie practiced her dance at home alot and was ready to go Tuesday. They had a cute little dance about the US with whistles (somewhat annoying). She really shined!

We also put her into dance again this year after many years of her begging and us coming up with lame excuses. She has enjoyed every single minute of it. Her dance recital also landed on this last week of school. On the same day that the school had the fun run (she ran the full one lap on the track) and field day (fun and socializing)! So, I was nervous about hair and make-up and her being tired and grumpy that night (make-up was awesome thanks to the sister of a friend call me for a reference). We got her all dolled up and off to the recital.

SHE TOTALLY ROCKED! I'm not going to say my daughter will ever be a prima donna but she was awesome! She loved it too and that's really all that matters. She's ready to do it all again next year. As soon as I get help putting her video on her you will all have to watch.
Natalie is such a social butterfly and hates to hurt people. She made alot of new friends this year and found out that not everyone is nice and kind. She gets nervous but perseveres. She takes things seriously but can also have fun, she really hates to let anyone down because of her soft heart. I really love her can do attitude and it seems to only get better the older she gets. She balances out the boys very nicely and even tries to keep them in line. I can see the teenager poking through every so often and it scares me. She is such a sweet and caring little girl, I'm so proud she is my daughter.

Off to a great start

When Greyson started Jr. High this year we were a little worried. He didn't like elementary very much after our move and Jr. high can just be awkward. And when they get to be this age they don't really talk much about what's going on. So, either you guess or you just hope that everything is hunky dory.
So, when after the first week he came home happier and more energetic we were thrilled. He also said that he loved school again. He felt he was using his mind again and he really likes it. Bob and I both breathed a sigh of relief. THANK GOD!
As the year progressed he just seemed to blossom more. He found new friends and new subjects to study. He loved it. Sure, he had some problems with classes and the technicalities of Jr. high but he truly enjoyed it.
He had an awards assembly the 26th for all 7th graders. He received 6 awards. One of them for maintaining a 3.95 or higher for the full school year *he had a 4.0 every report card and would have had higher if the school didn't do simple GPA*. He also received perfect attendance, outstanding citizenship and 3 excellence in educations.
I'm so proud of the man he is becoming. Not just academically but also socially. He's willing to put himself out there more and he really is happy with himself. He has always been a great kid but now I can see little glimpses of the man to be. Sure, we still have a long way to go in these teenage years but we truly are off to a great start!

Kindergarten Graduate

Jake had a Kindergarten graduation ceremony on the 22nd and has officially become a 1st grader! He could really care less. Sitting up on stage he sang the songs and goofed off in usual Jake fashion. He's a smart kid but doesn't take school too seriously. He would rather be out at recess running and jumping then inside learning math or words. I know he knows the stuff because he comes home and recites things to me but he won't do it for the teacher's when asked. He might be the one we have to use the incentive program/bribe into doing schoolwork. Hope he likes hot wheels for a VERY LONG time.
Jake is so ready for summer. He is outside most of the day making friends with anyone who will talk to him. He keeps inviting other kids over for a party that I am unaware of until we have a bunch of kids here. I'm not complaining, I really like his outgoing personality, it keeps me on my toes.
I'm amazed that he'll be in school all day next year. I will miss our little shopping trips where he yells at me to go home and I tell him just one more store. I'll miss cuddling with him in a quiet house in the dead of winter. I'll miss his "cooking school" where he makes something totally disgusting but eats it anyway and tries to make me eat it too. I look forward to him learning more, because he does love it. I look forward to his stories of how the school day was. I look forward to the big grin he'll get when he fully realizes that he gets out of school the same time as the big kids.

Friday, May 1, 2009


A friend of mine recently turned me onto these new types of slipper shoes. They are soooo cute, sooo warm, and soooo fuzzy! They are girly but practical. Perfect for a quick run to the mailbox or go to the school and drop off your kids lunch that they forgot that morning.

Today we went shopping and I thought I'd get a few for my sisters and moms. This is what we came home with......

It was a really good sale! These babies are usually 30 and we got them for 8 each! Seriously, how can a person pass up that type of sale! Especially if that person loves shoes, shopping or just spending money.

Jake even got a pair and loves them. They also have bags, pillows and blankets.

My cat seems to like them too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm no Betty Crocker

This weekend while Bob was home I thought I'd make some homemade Apple Dumplings. I've made this recipe before so I thought I could breeze through it super quick and get back to cuddling up with the family.

I get the apples all covered in dough and go to make the syrup. Butter and brown sugar go into the pot to start to melt. Then I realize the water is on and forget why. So, of course I figure that I was going to do dishes while I wait for the syrup to start melting.

After the butter is all melted the syrup is a little lumpy but I figured it would finish melting while it baked. 30 minutes later and the syrup didn't melt! This is what it looked like.....

That's supposed to be a nice carmely syrup for the dumplings but that water I had running? Well, 2 cups of it was supposed to go into the syrup! I wasn't really going to do the dishes afterall. That is why I shouldn't mulit-task while cooking!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

While you were out...The Harness Edition

Does anyone remember that old show from TLC. They tricked someone into leaving their house and the spouse who was left behind would redo a room or two in the house with help from a VERY large crew? I did that this week in the front room. Although my husband was gone I didn't have to trick him at all. And my crew consisted of me, my friend Canesa our children and then a dose of our husbands to help bring in heavy things and finally hang stuff.

I love this room. It's a grown up me. I fought my designer (Canesa) on some of the elements but she was right and this room is TOTALLY WICKED! At least in my opinion. My kids have been trying to spend every spare moment in that room, Ok, I have been too. Bob really loved it. I still have a few touch ups to fix with the paint and pictures to put in a frame but the room is almost done.

Here is the room before.....(actually this is circa 2006. I couldn't find one from this year but you'll see the difference in a bit)
Here are the renovation pictures....

Isn't it adorable! And did you notice those red curtains on my chocolate wall? I really didn't want those, my decorator made me try them and THANK HEAVEN she did because they are sooooo cute in that room. Sometimes you just need someone else to push you out of your comfort zone and have a fresh eye. This room is earthy yet comfy, elegant but livable. It's different from usual me but still me. It's Laurel all grown up!!


This week I started to paint the inside of our house. We've only been here 2 years so I may be a little quick to start but I'm on a mission people! Don't judge.

Monday morning my front room was totally a mess. Things were everywhere so that I could tape and begin my little project. This is what it looked like...

Books were everywhere, nothing was in it's place, no one could move anywhere! All I could think about was the big mess I was creating and I needed to hurry up to get painting done and the mess cleaned up.

My kids however saw something so much more exciting... they saw a place to have a puppet theater (the broken entertainment center) or a place to be exploreres through the maze of the room.

It amazes me that as we age and "learn" more we seem to become more grounded in our beliefs. We forget about imagination and just the simplicity of being. I don't think one adult would have walked into that room and thought "wow! How much fun are we going to have!" They would have been like me, able only to see the work and the mess ahead of us.

My new goal is to try to remember that things are not always what they seem. Sure, in my adult head I think I know more because I've experienced more or read more or studied more but it may not always be true. Although the facts may point to my front room being a mess the truth of it is, we had fun in that room just being simple.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little slice of Heaven

It's called Pizza. And it is the VERY BEST pizza EVER! It's from Papa Murphy's and it is the bacon artichoke delite. I can't get enough of this pizza. I had it last week with a friend and got it again today because I needed a little retail therapy! So many things going on and I've just been too lazy to post anything. Let's just take a little looksy into my boring little life, and some of the reasons I turned to Pizza instead of chocolate or the new wardrobe I'd rather have, or the furniture or , well you get the picture.
This is the end of Spring break for the kids. They go back on Monday for the last 6 weeks of school! I don't know where the school year went. I've just become use to the routine, FINALLY! I usually love spring break. One full week where the kids and I get to do whatever we want whenever we want. We do some outings to the zoo or the like and then sit around and just enjoy eachother. This year however we started off the break with Easter and Bob's birthday the next day. And well, it snowed ALOT. I think I heard 10 inches around our neighborhood. The kids played outside for bit but I really am over the snow and am ready to get my shorts on and hang out at the pool in sweltering heat. I feel like we got jipped out of our spring break. My kids were indoors most of the time! And the 6 more weeks of school? Holy cow time flies! Next year Jake will be in school full time, did you hear that FULL TIME! I could cry just writing that. I think he's ready but I am not. Natalie will be a third grader and Grey will be 8th. When did I get this old? Half the time I don't act any older than they do!

We also saw alot of Bob this break because he took the rest of the week off in order to spend a little time with us before he starts a 3 month stint at another worksite. He'll be home every so often but it still sucks! I'd love to throw a fit like the kids do and just walk around with a kleenex and watery eyes talking about how much I miss daddy and I don't know why it has to hurt so bad a la Natalie/Jake. But, I'm soon to be 36 and I don't think that is appropriate plus I think the kids would freak out if they saw me do that! So, instead of going anywhere he hung out at home and played wii games. Hasbro family game night is really fun. I really hate complaining when my hubby isn't home because so many women do so much more without hubbies. But I love having that man around, if nothing else just to drool over him. He is my best friend and it feels weird not having him home at night to talk or complain too. It's just not complete around here. We have great technology though so we are keeping up through skype and texting. (Thank you Amber).

With Bob being gone though I have finished one whole book and half of another, I have decided to paint my whole house (inside only) and plan on catching up with The Tudors and checking out Big Love. My kids, and this is what really surprises me, have banded together and have played games or just "hung out" together. Yes, they have fought some and that's normal. BUT, Grey has asked the kids to play or watch something. This morning Natalie was all sad and he went and SAT down by her and asked her what was wrong. She of course yelled at him like any normal woman would. I have NEVER seen that kid do that. Well, he did when he was younger and Natalie was still a baby. Jake and Grey are having a blast chasing eachother on a Need for Speed game and they BOTH like it. I am so amazed at how they have been treating eachother. I guess maybe I am doing something right.

So, let me recap. My kids are growing up way too fast , I hate my husband being gone, I like to eat lots of things or spend money when I feel crappy. However, my bank account can't get smaller and my hips can't get bigger so you all had to listen to my little saga. I have so many things planned that I'll most likely shirk those to-do's and actually update my blog more than I currently have been doing. Yeah for you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Doesn't that look delicious? It's the first time I have ever made sushi myself instead of buying it! But, since I made it on April Fool's day it was more Rice Krispy treats disguised as sushi.
The kids LOVED them! Jake and Natalie actually like sushi so they were a little upset that it wasn't real but Greyson was very relieved.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real housewife of Utah County

Just typing that post makes me laugh. I know, I'm easy.
Let me give you some background here.....
Once upon a time I use to laugh at the high society women who listed thier jobs as fundraising. First ladies who would say that fundraising is hard, especially for Presidential candidates. I always thought what spoiled little brats. They need to come down and live with the rest of us who actually work for our money!

Next step in this cute little story .... a few weeks ago I was ironing some clothes and as I do this crappy chore I like to watch crappy TV. Jon and kate was already one that I had watched so I watched this other crappy show called Real Housewives of New York City. These are those women who do list fundraising as thier job.

I haven't laughed at these women this time. I found myself sympathizing with them. Fundraising is hard! I have found some new best friends! They just don't know it yet.
So Why do I suddenly feel different this time about the Fundraising as a job? Because I have been doing it for 4 long and miserable months now and I.HATE. IT. ALOT. NO, I'm not joking. We've been trying to raise money for Grey on his Europe trip. One, because the group recommends fundraising and two, because we can't afford all of it on our own.
Let me tell you that fundraising really is a job and it's TOTALLY going on my resume. Seriously, this stuff stinks.
We have done a bake sale (sort of), snow shoveling through the Winter, Christmas tree recycling, letters to friends and family, looked into roses for Valentine's day, Craft sales, blog posting and most recently a yard sale. We are about 1/4 of the way there! That's IT. UGHHHH, we're tired of thinking of the next project, what we need, will it be cost effecient, spreading the word. Our neighbors are tired of hearing us talk about it and donating what they can.

Fundraising is a Real JOB. It is, and if you are lauging at me right now and don't believe that fundraising is that hard, you just wait because Karma will come kick your butt! Trust me, she got mine!

So, This is why I believe I earn the title of Real Housewife of Utah County. I'm the fundraising snob. I just need to find the rest of the cast. If you think you can fit the bill please leave me a comment as to why. I'm pretty sure this show will be coming to a TV near you and will be sponsored by Diet Coke.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Does your man need some Class?

Found in a local e-mail.....
Classes for Men
by Friday, April 24th 2009

Class 1
How To Fill Up The Ice Cube Trays--Step by Step, with Slide Presentation.
Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

Class 2
The Toilet Paper Roll--Does It Change Itself?
Round Table Discussion.
Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours..

Class 3
Is It Possible To Urinate Using The Technique Of Lifting The Seat and Avoiding The Floor, Walls and Nearby Bathtub?--Group Practice.
Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 4
Fundamental Differences Between The Laundry Hamper and The Floor--Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.
Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks.

Class 5
Dinner Dishes--Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Kitchen Sink?
Examples on Video.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning
at 7:00 PM

Class 6
Loss Of Identity--Losing The Remote To Your Significant Other.
Help Line Support and Support Groups.
Meets 4 Weeks, Friday and Sunday 7:00 PM

Class 7
Learning How To Find Things--Starting With Looking In The Right Places And Not Turning The House Upside Down While Screaming.
Open Forum
Monday at 8:00 PM, 2 hours.

Class 8
Health Watch--Bringing Her Flowers Is Not Harmful To Your Health.
Graphics and Audio Tapes.
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 9
Real Men Ask For Directions When Lost--Real Life Testimonials.
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Location to be determined

Class 10
Is It Genetically Impossible To Sit Quietly While She Parallel Parks?
Driving Simulations.
4 weeks, Saturday's noon, 2 hours.

Class 11
Learning to Live--Basic Differences Between Mother and Wife.
Online Classes and role-playing Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, location to be determined

Class 12
How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion
Relaxation Exercises, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

Class 13
How to Fight Cerebral Atrophy--Remembering Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Other Important Dates and Calling When You're Going To Be Late.
Cerebral Shock Therapy Sessions and Full Lobotomies Offered.
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 14
The Stove/Oven--What It Is and How It Is Used.
Live Demonstration.
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, location to be determined.

Upon completion of any of the above courses, diplomas will be issued to the survivors.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend project...whatever!

This weekend Bob finally decided to tile the bathtub in our downstairs bathroom. When we bought the house there was no downstairs bathroom so we have done everything to that bathroom! Everything that is except the tile splash around the tub. So, after 2 years Bob was in some type of rush to get these tiles done. Saturday he had a friend come over to help and they replaced the backerboard we already had on there for a more friendly type. Whatever, some tiles did get laid on sat.

Here it is after a little more work.

And a little more work.

Here's the full back wall.

This was about all he got done through Sun. Just the long wall and one short wall.

It looks really nice but he was hoping to have it all laid and grouted by the time he went back to work this week. He probably won't even have it grouted until next week. It does look alot better. It's nice to get one home improvement project out of the way even if it does take an extra weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A trip to the zoo with detours

Jake loves the Zoo. He is the main if not only reason why we have a Zoo membership. For his birthday every year he asks to go to the zoo, he also asks about 50 other times throughout the year but his birthday is the one we try really hard to make. So, the weather turned a little nicer this last week and off we went to the zoo.
Nothing really changes at the Zoo so we pretty much know our favorites and the best ways to get there. It's fun to see the kids run around and still be amazed by the animals. The cooler weather lets us see more of the animals. The tigers and Gorillas were close up and the kids always get a kick out of them being so close. Natalie is doing a report on Zebra's so we stood around the zebra enclosure for a bit.
We meandered around for a bit longer, got some kettle corn and decided to head home. Our first detour was when Bob decided to take us throught the Canyons on the way home. It's a gorgeous route and takes us right by Park City. The mountains still have tons of snow on them and Jake was excited to be able to see the ski trails. We can see the other side of some of those mountains from our house and the kids think that's cool too.
Park City has an outlet mall there and so we decided to take detour number two into the malls. I had a fun time shopping- duh. I found some great deals but had to limit my stores because of time. I'm not complaining though. I'm ready to go back.
By the time I was done shopping it was dinner time and we decided to take detour number three for dinner. The Last Samurai is a Japanese Steakhouse in Park City and we stopped there. We love the Japanese steakhouses because they cook your food right in front of you with a show. It's a fun place to go to once in awhile. Bob was in heaven when he found out that they offered Kobe beef. Of course he ordered it and says it was wonderful! Grey says it was ok and I think it is more tender, in case anyone was wondering.
It was such a nice family day and we had alot of fun just hanging together. I love those days. No matter what really needs to be done at home it's fun just to be a family and ignore the "jobs".

Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you ever notice that button to the left?

Go ahead and look, that one that says donate. Well, I'm finally taking the time to explain it to you. Sorry if any of you died from curiosity.
Here's the story. My oldest son is an intellectual, a self described nerd. A few years ago a wonderful teacher of his nominated him for a program called People to People. This program is for future leaders of the world. It was founded by President Eisenhower in 1956 as a way to bring the cultures of the world together by forming friendships and understanding amongst them. Some noted P2P alumni are Walt Disney, the founder of Hallmark cards and Corbin Bleu from High School Musical fame.
The trips that this program offer are all around the world and give the Ambassadors glimpses into another culture besides their own. The student ambassadors who go on these travels are also allowed to do things that no 0ther tourist is allowed to do.
To prepare for these trips the student ambassadors do homework and research the countries they will be visiting. They will earn academic credit for their trip.
This year Greyson was given the opportunity to travel with this program through Europe and France. After going to an informational meeting we decided we would let him go.
The price is steep and we knew we would need to do some fundraising for him to afford this trip. This is where the donate/sponsor button comes into play. We need help with some of the costs. He has been doing alot of fundraising on his own with alot more to come. However, it's slow going and we're trying to use any means necessary to help reach our goal. So, clicking on the little button will allow you to help Greyson on this trip. If you live in our area he will also earn that money by doing odd jobs. No donation is too small, every little bit helps.
So, why should you help Greyson when the economy is tanking/tanked? Because I do believe that this program is wonderful. I saw how he was after his trip to D.C. in 2007. The difference in his behavior, his attitude and his enthusiasm to be something more than even he thought he could be. I believe that with some of the things he will learn on this trip he will be better able to create peace and understanding to his little neck of the woods by seeing that we are all different but we all have the same hopes and dreams of unity. I firmly believe in my heart that this kid, even though he is mine, can truly be amazing and this trip is one of the rungs of the ladder he needs to climb.
Thanks for any donations. If you have any questions, comments or fundraising ideas please let me know via email or comments right here. Also, pass this along to anyone who you think may be interested. This program is very community involved and word of mouth has been good to us.

BTW his blog has his itinerary on it. It should have more stuff on it but I'm only one woman!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pay it Forward.

I am participating in the Pay it Forward exchange. Keep in mind you have a whole YEAR to do this.
This is how it works: Pay It Forward Exchange is based on the concept of the movie "Pay it forward." I will send a hand made gift to the first three people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join the PIF exchange. All the gifts will be made and posted out within the next year. How exciting to not know when your surprise package will arrive!
What you need to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.This Exchange is only open to those with active websites or blogs.
Other comments are welcome, but only the first three will be my Pay It Forward recipients. Come and join me. Who doesn't love a gift or giving gifts??If you leave a comment, please email your address to me at

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things that can be learned in 6 years

Today is Jake's birthday. He already has his own birthday post from last year so go there to see cute pictures of him. Besides telling my little baby happy birthday let's go over the things I've learned in the past 6 years.
*Having a 10 pound 10 ounce child naturally is not really easy but it is empowering.
*A heart really does grow more and more.
*I can survive the first year of a new baby along with a 2 year old and 8 year old.
*I have patience and understanding that even surpasses my expectations.
*I can laugh at naughtiness and it's ok.
*Poop and fart are verbs.
*I miss tying shoes and carrying a diaper bag, most days.
*I may not always be right and he will be the one to let me know.
*You can visit the same zoo 20+ times a year and still have fun.
*I still cried when he started kindergarten even though I'd been through it before.
*I miss cuddling but I love talking to the boy he's becoming.
*I like to see these little people Bob and I create and how they interact with eachother.
*S'mores taste better when you share them with kids.
*I really don't want to listen to the ABC song one more time.
*I like animated cartoons and learning shows such as Backyardigans or Spongebob.
*All my kids are different.
*I really do have my own bed.
*You can wear pink, like to have your nails painted and still love cars and snakes.
*I don't always need to "be there" for any of my kids. They sometimes need to work it out alone.
*I am sometimes more excited to see Jake after Kindergarten than he is to see me.
*Even a baby can have a sense of humor, it really can be a trait you are born with.
*Jake was meant to be a part of our family.
*You can be brave on some things and be a scaredy cat on others. It doesn't need to make sense.
*Including all trial and tribulations I'd do it all over again. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A kiss is just a kiss....or is it....

According to my Kissing research the ancient Romans,around 300 A.D., kissed their wives when they got home from work. What type of work an ancient Roman did I'm not sure of. But he did not kiss his wife for endearment. NO, the ancient Romans men were a suspicious bunch. They kissed their wives to determine if the missus had been drinking during the day! I might have to be more suspicious of Bob when he gives me the "hi honey I'm home" kiss. Other things that have come up in my kissing research include:

It is beleived that Men who kiss their wives goodbye every morning before work earns a higher income than the man who does not. Guess who will be getting kissed EVERY morning from now on, sick or not!!

Our brains have special neurons that help us to find eachother's lips in the dark. Personally I think this is wrong because I have kissed Bob's nose or chin many a time.

Go ahead and eat that candy bar, bowl of ice cream or a cookie. You can burn 26 of those calories for every minute of kissing. In case anyone sees Bob and I in a permanent lip lock you will understand.

Kissing will produce the same hormone that firing a gun does. Hmmm....make your own witty comment here. Or think about how much better off we'd all be if we just kissed instead of resorting to the guns. Wars would have a whole new meaning.

Get your face in shape and start french kissing! The act of french kissing requires the use of 34 facial muscles while a pucker kiss only requires 2.

If you tilt your head to the left when kissing someone you are among only a third of the people who do. Most people tip their heads to the right when going in for a kiss. Bet you'll be thinking of that one the next time you kiss someone!!

Here's my favorite.....
A woman in China partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend reportedly ruptured her eardrum with a passionate kiss. Apparently, the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out, and caused the breakdown of the ear.
Are you serious? Because I've had some Great, unbelievable kisses in my day and my ears are still well and fine! ***Bob, this is in no way a dare for you to try it. No really, it's not. Yeah, I'm not trying it either on you.****

Have fun this valentines day and I hope you all tilt your head the right way and keep your eardrums!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok, I'm just too lazy

I really am going to get a craft blog of my own going but I'm just to lazy right now to get it started. So, you will all have to endure another of my posts about how darn crafty I am......
I really wanted to get these crafts out before Valentine's day got so close but well, I'm lazy and kept finding other things to occupy my time. I will be selling these to help Grey with his trip AND I'm running out of room to put everything. I have more ideas and I really like this stuff but I can't jam everything into my house. Ok, stop babbling and show the pictures already...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Last night my last surviving Grandparent passed away. We knew it was coming for years. She has not been well for a very long time. I believe in my heart that she really is in a better place. There is no more suffering. I hope that she has her voice and joy back. The last few years she has had neither.
My memories of my Grandma are plenty. Every summer and any other time I visited my Grandma she would make pancakes. I didn't think she knew how to make anything else. She was a great baker. Her pies and christmas goodies are still the most delicious sweets I have ever tasted.
While visiting my Grandparents I would sometimes see my Grandpa whisper in my Grandma's ear and she would giggle like a little school girl. This was after many years of marriage, 9 kids, and a handful of grandchildren. My Grandpa was in construction and one year he "gave" my Grandma a whole new kitchen as a present. I seriously thought that was the most romantic gift ever. Especially when I realized the pantry had shelves that pulled out revealing more shelves!
When my Grandma found out that I had begun to smoke she ran on her little chicken legs to my car. There she put some mints in my ashtray. She told me that the boys would rather taste mints when they kiss me than an ashtray. She laughed so hard but I did not give up smoking until years later.
The first year Bob and I lived together my Grandma gave us some pots and pans. She then asked if we were going to have careers or just live on love. She then told me that love got her and Grandpa through alot. I still have those pans and whenever money gets tight I try and remember that love is all that really matters.
My Grandma had a gorgeous smile and the tiniest little chicken legs. She use to wear her knee-hi's rolled to her ankles. She always had a kleenex stashed in her bra along with a safety pin that was attached to her bra.
One year, when Grandma started having memory loss I swear we were both talking about raising little boys. She says to me that sometimes you just need to "kick them in the butt". At the same time my husband was walking through the room and she kicked him in the butt, she then said "just like that". That really is one of my favorite memories of her. It showed her spunk.
She was a wonderful woman from my point of view. Jake asked me if I missed her and the answer is yes. But I have missed her for years. She has not been Grandma for a long time so her passing seems more joyous.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2:54 P.M

That was the time our daughter Natalie was born 8 years ago today!
She has been bringing us joy and laughter every minute since.
We had such a hard time even getting pregnant with her. 3 years, 3 miscarriages and a little too much worrying on my part she came to us. And she has been the most perfect fit into our family since then.
Natalie takes her time on everything she does. But when she does do something it is with a flourish and no looking back. Natalie didn't walk until she was 18 months old. She didn't crawl either, she bounced around on her butt. It was funny to see! One day she just stood up and walked. Perfectly! She has never bounced or crawled since.
Natalie is our social butterfly. She makes friends with other kids she sees out shopping or at restaurants. She loves friends and is nice to every single one of them. She tries to be fair with everyone and it breaks her heart when someone is mean. She will tell them how they should be nice and she is not ashamed of it at all! She has a big heart that just keeps growing.
When Natalie was 2 her little brother was born. The day we brought him home Natalie took her little chair and sat it right next to his swing and let everyone know she was in charge of him. She loves to take care of people and practices on every one of her stuffed animals.
Natalie had a pacifier until she was 3. When she was little she would put old beads and necklaces around her neck and even tried to hang underwear (clean of course) around her neck. She loves to dress up and has my passion for clothes. She loves mermaids, fairies and unicorns and wants to own a pony one day.
Natalie is an artist, a dancer, a singer, a budding writer , a great cuddler and a jokster. She loves to swim, sled, ride her bike and throw a ball. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese with spaghettios taking a close 2nd. Most importantly she is ours. It may have took some time to get her but she is one of the best additions to our family. She makes us proud everyday.
We love you Natalie and am so glad to share in your life. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have changed our email addresses recently. The usernames for our blogger accounts are the old email. I want to use the new emails as our username. I somehow got mine to change but Greyson's blogs are all messed up. When I go to the google accounts it tells me that I can't associate a gmail account with a google account. YET, that is exactly what I did for my blog account! The old email accounts will be cancelled this week and I do not want Grey to lose any information from his blogs! he would be so mad! So, does anyone know how to fix my problem or do you know if the username will still be usable? I've been working on this for over an hour and I just keep getting more and more frustrated! I'm going to go play some wii bowling with the littlest Harness.
Amberlie, I know how to add authors to blogger, there is my silver lining for the day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope and Possibilities

Here I sit on inaguration day of the new 44th American President. To me this day is about hope and possibilities. It feels like the beginning of a new year, a new home, a new town and going way back, a new year of school. There is so much that can be done. So many possibilities. All you need to do is look forward.
I do not know for sure if Obama can hold true to all of his promises, my crystal ball has been broken. But I do know that we should all give him a chance to do what we have elected him to do. Even if you did not vote for him at least give the man a little respect. He deserves that, just like anyone does. But ridiculing him before he has even had a chance to prove himself is unfair.
Maybe he will be one of the worst Presidents ever or maybe he will be one of the best. We have given him the possibility to do both. There is hope for both. If you take either of those away then what do you have?
Here I sit today and hope for the possibility of a United America. Let's just all get along. Let's not throw stones, let's not judge people based on pre-conceived notions. As I believe Obama himself said "We are not a white America, we are not a black America, We are America".

P.S. My sister is in that crowd watching Obama become our newest President. Please say a prayer that she is kept safe and warm. And yes I'm a little jealous.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something for my exercising friends

I have alot of friends and family who like to exercise to keep in shape. I really admire their discipline and dedication they have to exercise. I myself can not exercise. I am allergic to it. Don't laugh I really am. It is a really serious problem for me. Fine, I hear you all still laughing at me so here are those reasons why I am allergic to exercise.

1. While doing any type of exercise I start to breath hard. Isn't this called asthma?
2. My face gets red and blotchy anytime I exercise. I think it may actually be hives!!
3. My muscles seem to quiver while exercising and then hurt the next day after exercising. I'm sure my muscles were NOT meant to do this!!
4. My throat actually tightens up and as stated before I breath hard but I also gasp for every breath! Serious allergic reaction there, people go to the hospital all the time for it.
5. My joints also hurt. Isn't this a sign of something bigger and not just a simple allergy?
6. While exercising my body starts to water. EVERYWHERE, arms, legs, forhead, back, and even my knee pits. It is not normal for your body to produce that much water. Clearly my body is trying to fight off the toxins that exercising is creating.

SEE!! Your thinking that you might be allergic too! But, if you aren't allergic and want to proceed with the tormenting of your own god given body I have a great product for you........

How cool is this! It just screams SERIOUS EXERCISER! And who wouldn't look good in it? You can also buy it. I know! Can you believe it? Just go to It almost makes me want to forget about my allergies and exercise. ALMOST! I'm not that nutso!