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Sunday, April 26, 2009

While you were out...The Harness Edition

Does anyone remember that old show from TLC. They tricked someone into leaving their house and the spouse who was left behind would redo a room or two in the house with help from a VERY large crew? I did that this week in the front room. Although my husband was gone I didn't have to trick him at all. And my crew consisted of me, my friend Canesa our children and then a dose of our husbands to help bring in heavy things and finally hang stuff.

I love this room. It's a grown up me. I fought my designer (Canesa) on some of the elements but she was right and this room is TOTALLY WICKED! At least in my opinion. My kids have been trying to spend every spare moment in that room, Ok, I have been too. Bob really loved it. I still have a few touch ups to fix with the paint and pictures to put in a frame but the room is almost done.

Here is the room before.....(actually this is circa 2006. I couldn't find one from this year but you'll see the difference in a bit)
Here are the renovation pictures....

Isn't it adorable! And did you notice those red curtains on my chocolate wall? I really didn't want those, my decorator made me try them and THANK HEAVEN she did because they are sooooo cute in that room. Sometimes you just need someone else to push you out of your comfort zone and have a fresh eye. This room is earthy yet comfy, elegant but livable. It's different from usual me but still me. It's Laurel all grown up!!


SILLYA said...

VERY Nice!! Good Job to both of ya!

AS Amber said...

Love the room! You're growing up so fast!