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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little slice of Heaven

It's called Pizza. And it is the VERY BEST pizza EVER! It's from Papa Murphy's and it is the bacon artichoke delite. I can't get enough of this pizza. I had it last week with a friend and got it again today because I needed a little retail therapy! So many things going on and I've just been too lazy to post anything. Let's just take a little looksy into my boring little life, and some of the reasons I turned to Pizza instead of chocolate or the new wardrobe I'd rather have, or the furniture or , well you get the picture.
This is the end of Spring break for the kids. They go back on Monday for the last 6 weeks of school! I don't know where the school year went. I've just become use to the routine, FINALLY! I usually love spring break. One full week where the kids and I get to do whatever we want whenever we want. We do some outings to the zoo or the like and then sit around and just enjoy eachother. This year however we started off the break with Easter and Bob's birthday the next day. And well, it snowed ALOT. I think I heard 10 inches around our neighborhood. The kids played outside for bit but I really am over the snow and am ready to get my shorts on and hang out at the pool in sweltering heat. I feel like we got jipped out of our spring break. My kids were indoors most of the time! And the 6 more weeks of school? Holy cow time flies! Next year Jake will be in school full time, did you hear that FULL TIME! I could cry just writing that. I think he's ready but I am not. Natalie will be a third grader and Grey will be 8th. When did I get this old? Half the time I don't act any older than they do!

We also saw alot of Bob this break because he took the rest of the week off in order to spend a little time with us before he starts a 3 month stint at another worksite. He'll be home every so often but it still sucks! I'd love to throw a fit like the kids do and just walk around with a kleenex and watery eyes talking about how much I miss daddy and I don't know why it has to hurt so bad a la Natalie/Jake. But, I'm soon to be 36 and I don't think that is appropriate plus I think the kids would freak out if they saw me do that! So, instead of going anywhere he hung out at home and played wii games. Hasbro family game night is really fun. I really hate complaining when my hubby isn't home because so many women do so much more without hubbies. But I love having that man around, if nothing else just to drool over him. He is my best friend and it feels weird not having him home at night to talk or complain too. It's just not complete around here. We have great technology though so we are keeping up through skype and texting. (Thank you Amber).

With Bob being gone though I have finished one whole book and half of another, I have decided to paint my whole house (inside only) and plan on catching up with The Tudors and checking out Big Love. My kids, and this is what really surprises me, have banded together and have played games or just "hung out" together. Yes, they have fought some and that's normal. BUT, Grey has asked the kids to play or watch something. This morning Natalie was all sad and he went and SAT down by her and asked her what was wrong. She of course yelled at him like any normal woman would. I have NEVER seen that kid do that. Well, he did when he was younger and Natalie was still a baby. Jake and Grey are having a blast chasing eachother on a Need for Speed game and they BOTH like it. I am so amazed at how they have been treating eachother. I guess maybe I am doing something right.

So, let me recap. My kids are growing up way too fast , I hate my husband being gone, I like to eat lots of things or spend money when I feel crappy. However, my bank account can't get smaller and my hips can't get bigger so you all had to listen to my little saga. I have so many things planned that I'll most likely shirk those to-do's and actually update my blog more than I currently have been doing. Yeah for you!

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