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Sunday, April 26, 2009


This week I started to paint the inside of our house. We've only been here 2 years so I may be a little quick to start but I'm on a mission people! Don't judge.

Monday morning my front room was totally a mess. Things were everywhere so that I could tape and begin my little project. This is what it looked like...

Books were everywhere, nothing was in it's place, no one could move anywhere! All I could think about was the big mess I was creating and I needed to hurry up to get painting done and the mess cleaned up.

My kids however saw something so much more exciting... they saw a place to have a puppet theater (the broken entertainment center) or a place to be exploreres through the maze of the room.

It amazes me that as we age and "learn" more we seem to become more grounded in our beliefs. We forget about imagination and just the simplicity of being. I don't think one adult would have walked into that room and thought "wow! How much fun are we going to have!" They would have been like me, able only to see the work and the mess ahead of us.

My new goal is to try to remember that things are not always what they seem. Sure, in my adult head I think I know more because I've experienced more or read more or studied more but it may not always be true. Although the facts may point to my front room being a mess the truth of it is, we had fun in that room just being simple.

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