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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm no Betty Crocker

This weekend while Bob was home I thought I'd make some homemade Apple Dumplings. I've made this recipe before so I thought I could breeze through it super quick and get back to cuddling up with the family.

I get the apples all covered in dough and go to make the syrup. Butter and brown sugar go into the pot to start to melt. Then I realize the water is on and forget why. So, of course I figure that I was going to do dishes while I wait for the syrup to start melting.

After the butter is all melted the syrup is a little lumpy but I figured it would finish melting while it baked. 30 minutes later and the syrup didn't melt! This is what it looked like.....

That's supposed to be a nice carmely syrup for the dumplings but that water I had running? Well, 2 cups of it was supposed to go into the syrup! I wasn't really going to do the dishes afterall. That is why I shouldn't mulit-task while cooking!!!

1 comment:

AS Amber said...

It doesn't sound like you were multi-tasking. Sounds like you were being a scatter-ass!