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Friday, June 19, 2009

Ice! Ice! Babbbyyyy.....

We made a little road trip this week to visit Bob while he is on "assignment".
So, we arrived last night (a day earlier just to surprise him) at his apartment. Because this is only a temporary apartment he doesn't have alot of the amenities you have when someplace is your actual "home". But here comes the real story.....
Greyson was getting himself a drink of water for bedtime. He kept looking at the frig all perplexed and finally walked over to the faucet and poured some water in his cup. He then looked at the frig again and opened up the frig, not the freezer part and asked where you get the ice. Bob opened up the freezer for him and pointed right to the ice cube trays. Grey took one out and looked at it very confused, I'm sure he was wondering how to get the tray into his little cup. Bob asked him if he knew how to use it and he was all NOooo, I've never seen one before. WHAT!!! I never laughed so hard. My child is soooo spoiled. Grey thought the trays were cool but he preferred the ice and water to be in the frig door. As he said it makes it easier to get when they are right next to eachother.
You just never think about all the things we take for granted or just overlook. Some things we have nowdays use to be considered luxury items-computers, tv's in every room, tivo's, remotes, ice makers. Enjoy your luxuries for someday your mom may take them away and you'll have to use the old ice cube trays. Grey should be happy that they weren't the really old fashioned ones with a lever to pull the ice cubes out! Think we'll go home and have a pioneer day just so they can see how darn easy they really have it!

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AS Amber said...

Oh my hell. Are you freking kidding me? I've only ever had one fridge with an ice maker and it was like 12 years ago. My kids are so cultured.