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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Que Pasa

Last week we went into Downtown Boise for a lunch with Bob on Father's Day. We ended up looking around some of the little stores around there. They had some really cute ones but the one that stuck out the most was this one that had the best metal art I've ever seen. It's called Que Pasa and is owned by an amazing woman. There were also alot of other pieces of art there but the metal art was what drew us all in.
We stayed in this little shop for about an hour just talking to the lady who owned the shop and bought all the artwork. She has bought everything from a little town near Guadalajara from an art community. Everything is handmade and she can tell you the artist name and the name of the artwork, all in spanish. This lady will be 94 next month. She has a sweet soul and you can tell she is very passionate about her job.
We didn't buy anything that day but said we'd be back. Everything was well priced but I couldn't make up my mind and I couldn't afford to buy everything.
I couldn't get one piece of metal out of my head though and we returned today. We ended up buying the MOST amazing mermaid to go in our downstairs bathroom. She's beautiful.

We spent another hour or so talking to the owner again. Her name is Beverly Foster and she travels back to Mexico once a year and buys the artwork to go in her little shop. She loves what she does and knows alot of Spanish. She tried teaching the kids some and she even gave them a few little gifts. She recognized us when we came back in today and it really does make you feel special. She took an interest in not only our money but in us and it will make me feel good everyday I l0ok at our little mermaid.
I'm hoping to be able to buy some of her other metal art or even some of the blown glass. Everything was gorgeous whether it was my taste or not.


Kimberly said...

What a fun purchase! I love the beach theme btw! :)

AS Amber said...

What a sweet lady! My grandma will be 95 in November. Love her! That mermaid is so freakin' cute!!!!!

Brina said...

I love that shop! My husband used to work now and again in Boise, and I would stay weekends sometimes, and explore downtown Boise. We would sit by the fountain, and browse the cool stores. Very cool.