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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Last night my last surviving Grandparent passed away. We knew it was coming for years. She has not been well for a very long time. I believe in my heart that she really is in a better place. There is no more suffering. I hope that she has her voice and joy back. The last few years she has had neither.
My memories of my Grandma are plenty. Every summer and any other time I visited my Grandma she would make pancakes. I didn't think she knew how to make anything else. She was a great baker. Her pies and christmas goodies are still the most delicious sweets I have ever tasted.
While visiting my Grandparents I would sometimes see my Grandpa whisper in my Grandma's ear and she would giggle like a little school girl. This was after many years of marriage, 9 kids, and a handful of grandchildren. My Grandpa was in construction and one year he "gave" my Grandma a whole new kitchen as a present. I seriously thought that was the most romantic gift ever. Especially when I realized the pantry had shelves that pulled out revealing more shelves!
When my Grandma found out that I had begun to smoke she ran on her little chicken legs to my car. There she put some mints in my ashtray. She told me that the boys would rather taste mints when they kiss me than an ashtray. She laughed so hard but I did not give up smoking until years later.
The first year Bob and I lived together my Grandma gave us some pots and pans. She then asked if we were going to have careers or just live on love. She then told me that love got her and Grandpa through alot. I still have those pans and whenever money gets tight I try and remember that love is all that really matters.
My Grandma had a gorgeous smile and the tiniest little chicken legs. She use to wear her knee-hi's rolled to her ankles. She always had a kleenex stashed in her bra along with a safety pin that was attached to her bra.
One year, when Grandma started having memory loss I swear we were both talking about raising little boys. She says to me that sometimes you just need to "kick them in the butt". At the same time my husband was walking through the room and she kicked him in the butt, she then said "just like that". That really is one of my favorite memories of her. It showed her spunk.
She was a wonderful woman from my point of view. Jake asked me if I missed her and the answer is yes. But I have missed her for years. She has not been Grandma for a long time so her passing seems more joyous.


SILLYA said...

having just lost my grandmother as well, i know the bitter sweet of going back through the memories and the fun...knowing that is all that is left-- memories...but also feeling Joy knowing that the weight of this world is not holding them back...they are free from so much bondage that comes from our mortal existance...I pray that her family reunion is joyful and that those left here may have comfort.

patty o said...

Laurel, having Grandpa's blue eyes gave you a headstart in your relationship with Grandma. When you wore her wedding dress and had roses her color, you made her day. Remember the time we helped her find the silks the color from her wedding as a gift to Grandpa and, Believe it or not, he reognized the color!!? Memories are deep in the pointed part of the heart. Now, at last, Grandma's memories are free just like she is. I love you.

Twisted Sister said...

Sweet tribute to your Grandma, she was obviously a GREAT lady.

Laurel said...

Sillya, thanks so much. I'm sure after years of not talking Grandma is talking everyone's ears off! She loved talking!

Mom, I love you too.

T.S. Thanks for stopping by. She was a great lady!

Jen said...

Love that picture! So beautiful.