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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2:54 P.M

That was the time our daughter Natalie was born 8 years ago today!
She has been bringing us joy and laughter every minute since.
We had such a hard time even getting pregnant with her. 3 years, 3 miscarriages and a little too much worrying on my part she came to us. And she has been the most perfect fit into our family since then.
Natalie takes her time on everything she does. But when she does do something it is with a flourish and no looking back. Natalie didn't walk until she was 18 months old. She didn't crawl either, she bounced around on her butt. It was funny to see! One day she just stood up and walked. Perfectly! She has never bounced or crawled since.
Natalie is our social butterfly. She makes friends with other kids she sees out shopping or at restaurants. She loves friends and is nice to every single one of them. She tries to be fair with everyone and it breaks her heart when someone is mean. She will tell them how they should be nice and she is not ashamed of it at all! She has a big heart that just keeps growing.
When Natalie was 2 her little brother was born. The day we brought him home Natalie took her little chair and sat it right next to his swing and let everyone know she was in charge of him. She loves to take care of people and practices on every one of her stuffed animals.
Natalie had a pacifier until she was 3. When she was little she would put old beads and necklaces around her neck and even tried to hang underwear (clean of course) around her neck. She loves to dress up and has my passion for clothes. She loves mermaids, fairies and unicorns and wants to own a pony one day.
Natalie is an artist, a dancer, a singer, a budding writer , a great cuddler and a jokster. She loves to swim, sled, ride her bike and throw a ball. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese with spaghettios taking a close 2nd. Most importantly she is ours. It may have took some time to get her but she is one of the best additions to our family. She makes us proud everyday.
We love you Natalie and am so glad to share in your life. Have a very Happy Birthday!


Amberlie said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! She is really is an amazing little girl, we are so glad to have her as a friend to our kids.

The Holte Family said...

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE guest blogger!!! It has been SO fun to watch her grown and become the beautiful young lady she is!!! Have a GREAT day Natalie!!!!

Janes said...

I'm glad I got on your blog today! Tell Natalie Happy b-day from Lauren! I hope she had fun.

Amber said...

Happy birthday, cutie girl! Avery was upset when she got home from school on Wednesday because "did you know it's Natalie's birthday today? We didn't even get her anything!!!". We haven't forgotten...

We love her! Hope her day was great!

Laurel said...

Thanks girls. It was a great day and Natalie floated around like a Princess...hmm.. wonder where she gets that from.