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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope and Possibilities

Here I sit on inaguration day of the new 44th American President. To me this day is about hope and possibilities. It feels like the beginning of a new year, a new home, a new town and going way back, a new year of school. There is so much that can be done. So many possibilities. All you need to do is look forward.
I do not know for sure if Obama can hold true to all of his promises, my crystal ball has been broken. But I do know that we should all give him a chance to do what we have elected him to do. Even if you did not vote for him at least give the man a little respect. He deserves that, just like anyone does. But ridiculing him before he has even had a chance to prove himself is unfair.
Maybe he will be one of the worst Presidents ever or maybe he will be one of the best. We have given him the possibility to do both. There is hope for both. If you take either of those away then what do you have?
Here I sit today and hope for the possibility of a United America. Let's just all get along. Let's not throw stones, let's not judge people based on pre-conceived notions. As I believe Obama himself said "We are not a white America, we are not a black America, We are America".

P.S. My sister is in that crowd watching Obama become our newest President. Please say a prayer that she is kept safe and warm. And yes I'm a little jealous.


Theresa said...

Beautifully put! :)
I'm glad you are watching the inauguration, or least have it on in the background. I am the ONLY person who watched his speech in my office. Surprise Surprise.

I'll go on with my hope this day though...because EVERYDAY should be lived that way.

Kimberly said...

OH! I'm totally jealous! My friend is there too...I bet they are freezing, but having a great time!
I think you are right. We should be giving this guy a chance at least. I don't know what will happen, and frankly, none of us do, but we ought to at least SEE how this is gonna go!
May God watch over this country and give us the hope we need to make it a good place to live again. Hopefully Obama will have that on his side!

Laurel said...

Thanks girls. I'm choosing hope over pessimism because I really don't need any more wrinkles!!
The power is in God's hands, we should not forget that. Faith, Hope, and Love have gotten me pretty far in my life and I will continue to live that way.

Amber said...

It's interesting you'd ask that your sister be kept safe because as I watched yesterday I thought (and actually said to Tavis) "can you imagine the death-toll if a stampede were to take place?" I don't think I've ever seen so many people gathered in one place before! I'd be scared to death!