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Saturday, January 24, 2009


We have changed our email addresses recently. The usernames for our blogger accounts are the old email. I want to use the new emails as our username. I somehow got mine to change but Greyson's blogs are all messed up. When I go to the google accounts it tells me that I can't associate a gmail account with a google account. YET, that is exactly what I did for my blog account! The old email accounts will be cancelled this week and I do not want Grey to lose any information from his blogs! he would be so mad! So, does anyone know how to fix my problem or do you know if the username will still be usable? I've been working on this for over an hour and I just keep getting more and more frustrated! I'm going to go play some wii bowling with the littlest Harness.
Amberlie, I know how to add authors to blogger, there is my silver lining for the day.

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Husband Clothes said...

I had the same problem. It was very infuriating--and for a really DUMB reason--probably a different issue than yours. I had mispelled my name in my original application to the google account, but never realized it.

Even if this doesn't help you solve your issue, at least now you know you're not the only one with this issue.