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Friday, January 16, 2009

Something for my exercising friends

I have alot of friends and family who like to exercise to keep in shape. I really admire their discipline and dedication they have to exercise. I myself can not exercise. I am allergic to it. Don't laugh I really am. It is a really serious problem for me. Fine, I hear you all still laughing at me so here are those reasons why I am allergic to exercise.

1. While doing any type of exercise I start to breath hard. Isn't this called asthma?
2. My face gets red and blotchy anytime I exercise. I think it may actually be hives!!
3. My muscles seem to quiver while exercising and then hurt the next day after exercising. I'm sure my muscles were NOT meant to do this!!
4. My throat actually tightens up and as stated before I breath hard but I also gasp for every breath! Serious allergic reaction there, people go to the hospital all the time for it.
5. My joints also hurt. Isn't this a sign of something bigger and not just a simple allergy?
6. While exercising my body starts to water. EVERYWHERE, arms, legs, forhead, back, and even my knee pits. It is not normal for your body to produce that much water. Clearly my body is trying to fight off the toxins that exercising is creating.

SEE!! Your thinking that you might be allergic too! But, if you aren't allergic and want to proceed with the tormenting of your own god given body I have a great product for you........

How cool is this! It just screams SERIOUS EXERCISER! And who wouldn't look good in it? You can also buy it. I know! Can you believe it? Just go to It almost makes me want to forget about my allergies and exercise. ALMOST! I'm not that nutso!


Theresa said...

This is disturbing. I'm not even sure what to say about it. It''s, yea. Disturbing!

Laurel said...

It's for real too!I don't think you could ride a bike in it comfortably but I think you might get some extra power from those pectoral things.

Amberlie said...

Haha, exercise doesn't get me even CLOSE to qualifying to wear that number! Pretty hilarious though!

Amber said...

Ya, but riding a bike sounds a lot like that "E" word. Can't be bothered.

Oh, and pretty sure you need to keep your mits out of my underwear drawer. That was personal!

Laurel said...

Amber, So sorry. My mistake. I'll try to leave things be. I'm so nosy. Lol. Hope your husband hasn't been missing it. (on you, not on him! That's TMI)

Canesa said...

Oh you "crack" me up! bahahaha