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Monday, October 13, 2008

The wether by Natalie.snow

hi thw agine frends it's me Natalie!The snow was wide this morning!I got to play in it!Igot to play in the dich with my bike and my brathr jake.It was fun of cose!!If you go out ther today it will be fresing!so if you do go out ther be sher when you come in you have a nice hot cup of hotchoklet.But it will be fun!


Theresa said...

SNOW!!! Holy Cow, you have snow. It's 78 degrees out here! I'm so jealous, I'm ready for snow and a fire in my apartment...with a good book. Maybe Twilight...AGAIN! :) I am sure I will regret this post as soon as we get snow as well, but it looks so pretty in the pic. Enjoy the snow!!

Liz said...

if it snows dear theresa, since you are so ready for snow, you can come over and shovel my walks!! Man i have not even raked yet. . . what are you thinking???

glad you have the snow and not I Miss Natalie. ask your mom about snow ice cream-we loved it!!

Amber said...

Freaking LOVE Natalie! She's so cute! I hate Hate HATE snow. So much not ready for it yet. You need to come to my house and help me make my blog as cute as yours. And my facebook thingie, too!!!

Laurel said...

Amber, come over and I'll show you how easy this stuff is. We have 2 computers so I can "tutor" you on one and I won't have to text. We know how much I love to text!!!