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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super hearing

Grey got hearing aids this week. We've always known that he had a small hearing problem but were told it was more in the high pitch ranges. We've never really made a big deal about it because we didn't want it to become an excuse. We took him in a few weeks ago because either his hearing was worse or he had really selective hearing. Well, his hearing was worse. It was recommended that he gets hearing aids. So, he made the decision that he would like to try them and now he has them and has some super hearing!!! He is amazed at all the things he can hear now: his zipper, leaves in the wind, the dog collars and he says that I talk way too loud and Jake screams way too much. Our TV is no longer blaring and neither is the play station. He has worn them to school 2 days this week and was unaware of how loud the halls were. No one has noticed them because they are so small. I am so proud of him because he made the decision to have the hearing aids without thinking about what others thought of him and now he loves hearing all those new sounds. He is tired with all the new sounds but he is so happy. The cost was totally worth it and I would have paid a thousand times more just to see how happy and excited he is.

Here's some pictures: Front view of the bionic boy, yes he is wearing the hearing aids.

Here is a closer look at his ears, with the aids in.

A look behind the ear. You can kind of see a glare at the top from the tubes that go in his ear.

And there it is. I had to move his hair a bit and he is thinking of keeping it slightly longer but these are not your Grandpa's hearing aids. I was impressed at how tiny they really are.


Husband Clothes said...

Wow! I can't even see the hearing aid in the photos--I'll keep looking. I'm amazed at this technology.

I love Grey's approach--putting his own needs first and not worrying so much about what others might think...So glad there have been no negative reactions though:)

SILLYA said...

Congrats Greyson-- very exciting! They are very un-noticeable-- and better yet-- they help you hear more of what's goin on around you!

We miss you guys!

Gram said...

Yea for you Grey...Grandpa and I are so proud of you we can hardly stand it!!! Considering your grades all along, Lord knows what you could have done if you could have heard everything!!! I know his excitement means the world to you guys too. They look great and I can not believe they are so small. Great job Grey, you are "OH Wise One"!!!! Now don't go turning them off everytime you don't want to hear your dad & mom or your teacher. Love ya and miss all of you.

Amber said...

YAY for hearing!! It's actually more exciting for you because now you KNOW he's ignoring you wnen he doesn't answer. I've wondered if Avery was hard of hearing so I started whispering to her and ya...she can hear. She just chooses not to.

Laurel said...

H.C. I know can you believe a pre-teen is that sure of himself? I still have problems at 35. Thanks for the comment.

Sillya-He so loves hearing those new things. It's funny all the things we take for granted. P.S. We miss you too.

Gram-He is going to really have fun in school now!! We already notice a difference when we call for him.

Amber-I know! I was thinking he was hitting the teenage years in a bad way but he just really couldn't hear. Now he needs to practice selective hearing like Avery.

Shannon & Eli said...

wow...i would have never guessed that is amazing!!!