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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goodbye September, Hello October

It's the last day of September. Where did the time go? This month really flew by. So many things happened, so many things didn't and so many more things to look forward to.
My kids are all in school now. Jake is only part time and I'm still finding my daily rhythm without him here. It's easier somedays and not so much other days. You'd think after 6 or so weeks of school I'd have a better schedule but really I don't and I like it that way. Gives me room to change at the last minute. But I've never been a scheduler. Greyson is loving Jr. high and has lost 8 pounds walking to and from school, I have found those 8 pounds on my own body. It isn't fair that I actually started exercising this month and didn't lose a thing!! He just walks to school and he's thinner! Oh how I wish I had the metabolism of a pre-teen boy. Wouldn't that be great!! Natalie was the first in her class to become Student of the week and has fallen in love with a series of books called the Rainbow Magic Fairies. She is now found more in front of a book than the TV. I love that. Jake loves school but hates getting into the classroom. He cries if I'm around but is fine if I'm not. So I hide and watch. His best friend is a girl and he continues to think that kissing is a disease but he is immune.
My kids have drove me nuts this month, they have also grown emotionally so those bad attitudes are normal, at least for my kids. We have played alot of family games and Jake likes to trick people so he wins. Natalie gets mad and Grey looks at Jake like he might actually be normal. We've taken alot of walks, started re-doing my table, played with a lot of dead bugs and watched some great movies, along with reading some great books. Despite the bad attitudes, mine included, we have had a great month.
October starts tomorrow - for those of you that don't own a calendar. I can't wait to do the pumpkin patches and trick or treating. We have everyone's costumes already. I look forward to the easiness that comes with this month. School is in the second month and Thanksgiving is still a month away. It is also the month that Bob and I got married in. We will celebrate our 14th anniversary this year. Well, that just made me feel really old. I hate how these days fly by and the years too. My kids are growing so fast. Although they can drive me crazy I'm thankful that I have them. Without them I'd be out of a job and I love this job. I hope to have just as much if not more fun this October.

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