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Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you ever notice that button to the left?

Go ahead and look, that one that says donate. Well, I'm finally taking the time to explain it to you. Sorry if any of you died from curiosity.
Here's the story. My oldest son is an intellectual, a self described nerd. A few years ago a wonderful teacher of his nominated him for a program called People to People. This program is for future leaders of the world. It was founded by President Eisenhower in 1956 as a way to bring the cultures of the world together by forming friendships and understanding amongst them. Some noted P2P alumni are Walt Disney, the founder of Hallmark cards and Corbin Bleu from High School Musical fame.
The trips that this program offer are all around the world and give the Ambassadors glimpses into another culture besides their own. The student ambassadors who go on these travels are also allowed to do things that no 0ther tourist is allowed to do.
To prepare for these trips the student ambassadors do homework and research the countries they will be visiting. They will earn academic credit for their trip.
This year Greyson was given the opportunity to travel with this program through Europe and France. After going to an informational meeting we decided we would let him go.
The price is steep and we knew we would need to do some fundraising for him to afford this trip. This is where the donate/sponsor button comes into play. We need help with some of the costs. He has been doing alot of fundraising on his own with alot more to come. However, it's slow going and we're trying to use any means necessary to help reach our goal. So, clicking on the little button will allow you to help Greyson on this trip. If you live in our area he will also earn that money by doing odd jobs. No donation is too small, every little bit helps.
So, why should you help Greyson when the economy is tanking/tanked? Because I do believe that this program is wonderful. I saw how he was after his trip to D.C. in 2007. The difference in his behavior, his attitude and his enthusiasm to be something more than even he thought he could be. I believe that with some of the things he will learn on this trip he will be better able to create peace and understanding to his little neck of the woods by seeing that we are all different but we all have the same hopes and dreams of unity. I firmly believe in my heart that this kid, even though he is mine, can truly be amazing and this trip is one of the rungs of the ladder he needs to climb.
Thanks for any donations. If you have any questions, comments or fundraising ideas please let me know via email or comments right here. Also, pass this along to anyone who you think may be interested. This program is very community involved and word of mouth has been good to us.

BTW his blog has his itinerary on it. It should have more stuff on it but I'm only one woman!

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