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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A trip to the zoo with detours

Jake loves the Zoo. He is the main if not only reason why we have a Zoo membership. For his birthday every year he asks to go to the zoo, he also asks about 50 other times throughout the year but his birthday is the one we try really hard to make. So, the weather turned a little nicer this last week and off we went to the zoo.
Nothing really changes at the Zoo so we pretty much know our favorites and the best ways to get there. It's fun to see the kids run around and still be amazed by the animals. The cooler weather lets us see more of the animals. The tigers and Gorillas were close up and the kids always get a kick out of them being so close. Natalie is doing a report on Zebra's so we stood around the zebra enclosure for a bit.
We meandered around for a bit longer, got some kettle corn and decided to head home. Our first detour was when Bob decided to take us throught the Canyons on the way home. It's a gorgeous route and takes us right by Park City. The mountains still have tons of snow on them and Jake was excited to be able to see the ski trails. We can see the other side of some of those mountains from our house and the kids think that's cool too.
Park City has an outlet mall there and so we decided to take detour number two into the malls. I had a fun time shopping- duh. I found some great deals but had to limit my stores because of time. I'm not complaining though. I'm ready to go back.
By the time I was done shopping it was dinner time and we decided to take detour number three for dinner. The Last Samurai is a Japanese Steakhouse in Park City and we stopped there. We love the Japanese steakhouses because they cook your food right in front of you with a show. It's a fun place to go to once in awhile. Bob was in heaven when he found out that they offered Kobe beef. Of course he ordered it and says it was wonderful! Grey says it was ok and I think it is more tender, in case anyone was wondering.
It was such a nice family day and we had alot of fun just hanging together. I love those days. No matter what really needs to be done at home it's fun just to be a family and ignore the "jobs".

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AS Amber said...

That sounds so freakin' nice! I'm jealous. Glad the zoo didn't try to keep your little monkeys!