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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend project...whatever!

This weekend Bob finally decided to tile the bathtub in our downstairs bathroom. When we bought the house there was no downstairs bathroom so we have done everything to that bathroom! Everything that is except the tile splash around the tub. So, after 2 years Bob was in some type of rush to get these tiles done. Saturday he had a friend come over to help and they replaced the backerboard we already had on there for a more friendly type. Whatever, some tiles did get laid on sat.

Here it is after a little more work.

And a little more work.

Here's the full back wall.

This was about all he got done through Sun. Just the long wall and one short wall.

It looks really nice but he was hoping to have it all laid and grouted by the time he went back to work this week. He probably won't even have it grouted until next week. It does look alot better. It's nice to get one home improvement project out of the way even if it does take an extra weekend.


Kimberly said...

It does look nice! And, tile can be such a project! Its great that this much got done though!!

Amberlie said...

Looks great! Look at all the fancy diamond accents! Wow, way to go Bob!

patty o said...

It looks grand. Everything takes longer than it should, after labor, you should have known that. Love, MOM

AS Amber said...

All this talk about getting laid. You're naughty.