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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real housewife of Utah County

Just typing that post makes me laugh. I know, I'm easy.
Let me give you some background here.....
Once upon a time I use to laugh at the high society women who listed thier jobs as fundraising. First ladies who would say that fundraising is hard, especially for Presidential candidates. I always thought what spoiled little brats. They need to come down and live with the rest of us who actually work for our money!

Next step in this cute little story .... a few weeks ago I was ironing some clothes and as I do this crappy chore I like to watch crappy TV. Jon and kate was already one that I had watched so I watched this other crappy show called Real Housewives of New York City. These are those women who do list fundraising as thier job.

I haven't laughed at these women this time. I found myself sympathizing with them. Fundraising is hard! I have found some new best friends! They just don't know it yet.
So Why do I suddenly feel different this time about the Fundraising as a job? Because I have been doing it for 4 long and miserable months now and I.HATE. IT. ALOT. NO, I'm not joking. We've been trying to raise money for Grey on his Europe trip. One, because the group recommends fundraising and two, because we can't afford all of it on our own.
Let me tell you that fundraising really is a job and it's TOTALLY going on my resume. Seriously, this stuff stinks.
We have done a bake sale (sort of), snow shoveling through the Winter, Christmas tree recycling, letters to friends and family, looked into roses for Valentine's day, Craft sales, blog posting and most recently a yard sale. We are about 1/4 of the way there! That's IT. UGHHHH, we're tired of thinking of the next project, what we need, will it be cost effecient, spreading the word. Our neighbors are tired of hearing us talk about it and donating what they can.

Fundraising is a Real JOB. It is, and if you are lauging at me right now and don't believe that fundraising is that hard, you just wait because Karma will come kick your butt! Trust me, she got mine!

So, This is why I believe I earn the title of Real Housewife of Utah County. I'm the fundraising snob. I just need to find the rest of the cast. If you think you can fit the bill please leave me a comment as to why. I'm pretty sure this show will be coming to a TV near you and will be sponsored by Diet Coke.

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