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Friday, November 27, 2009

The obligatory Thankful post

Everyone is doing one right? Plus, I haven't updated my blog since my anniversary a WHOLE MONTH AGO! I better get something written here....
I'm a very thankful person this year and just about every year. Life is good for me. Sure there are bumps along the road but more than likely everything works out for the betterment of my life. I like to be thankful everyday or else life can become unbearable. If you are always out looking for the things you don't have instead of the things you do have life gets miserable!
Bob and I are still together after 15 years of marriage and 2 more dating/living together. We didn't think we would make it that far some years and we almost were divorced the first year. I'm very thankful for that man. He is my soul mate even if he drives me crazy somedays. He has helped me to become a better person. He understands ME and accepts me whether or not he agrees with me. He has given me 3 wondeful kids and it is also a bonus that he cooks well and is still pretty darn good looking.
Our kids are happy and healthy. Sure they have attitudes and we all argue sometimes but it's okay. That's what families do. They do well in school and they listen for the most part. But truly I am thankful that they are healthy and happy. They are fun to be around and I have learned patience and unconditional love because of them.
My extended family gives me alot to be thankful for too. I love having 3 sisters whether or not we argue, fight, judge or just plain hate eachother somedays. But that's okay too because we are all different and that is what gives us our relationships because I really don't think I could be friends with myself most days! I have learned from all of them and have broadened my horizons because of them. My mom has helped me to become the person I am too. I would not be such a great mom or caregiver if she had not shown me how to be.
My in-laws are also something I am thankful for. Not only did they raise my wonderful husband to be a good man and father they have also supported us in many of our dreams and desires. THey spoil my children and are fun to be around during.
I am thankful for my life. The twists and turns it has taken and the surprises it has held. I'm thankful for the dreams that got left behind or the things that just didn't work out. Everything has played a part in what I have today and I really am thankful for it all!


Sandie Lee said...

Your Blog is fabulous!!

I LOVE the layout and the ocean sound - Nice soothing.

I'm over at

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Canesa said... forgot to mention how thankful you are for your BFF who helped redecorate your house and spend all of Bob's money! I see how it get a job, start rolling in the dough and forget all about me! :)