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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dancing Queen

Finally, Natalie. Her last week of school was really busy. The school does a dance festival for all the parents in lieu of a Christmas program. This is our 3rd year doing it and we always enjoy it. Natalie practiced her dance at home alot and was ready to go Tuesday. They had a cute little dance about the US with whistles (somewhat annoying). She really shined!

We also put her into dance again this year after many years of her begging and us coming up with lame excuses. She has enjoyed every single minute of it. Her dance recital also landed on this last week of school. On the same day that the school had the fun run (she ran the full one lap on the track) and field day (fun and socializing)! So, I was nervous about hair and make-up and her being tired and grumpy that night (make-up was awesome thanks to the sister of a friend call me for a reference). We got her all dolled up and off to the recital.

SHE TOTALLY ROCKED! I'm not going to say my daughter will ever be a prima donna but she was awesome! She loved it too and that's really all that matters. She's ready to do it all again next year. As soon as I get help putting her video on her you will all have to watch.
Natalie is such a social butterfly and hates to hurt people. She made alot of new friends this year and found out that not everyone is nice and kind. She gets nervous but perseveres. She takes things seriously but can also have fun, she really hates to let anyone down because of her soft heart. I really love her can do attitude and it seems to only get better the older she gets. She balances out the boys very nicely and even tries to keep them in line. I can see the teenager poking through every so often and it scares me. She is such a sweet and caring little girl, I'm so proud she is my daughter.

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