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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moral dilemma

I'm embellishing here a little but not too much! So, if this conversation happened in your house how would you react?
Wife: My house needs cleaned.
Husband: The house is always a mess  you need to clean better.
Wife: Look of frustration but ignores comment
Husband: Look, let me help you out. I'll clean and get it all looking good and all you have to do is maintain.

Would your husband still have his life? This wife runs a successful daycare and has 5 children of her own! Seriously, MAINTAIN?


SILLYA said...

My husband would not be sleeping in my bed with me for quite some time-- he may not even be breathing...

Amberlie said...

NOOOO! He would have a slight limp after this comment ;)

Laurel said...

Yeah, that's what I thought. He's still living. The wife was worried she over reacted by leaving for a few hours and yelling at him.

Sillya, how are you?

AS Amber said...

I actually used to have to make this deal with my ex-husband. I would get so deep in a depression and my kitchen would fall apart and I'd beg him to just clean it and I'd keep it clean.

He was good to me and did it. But it was only at MY request. Haha!