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Friday, September 19, 2008


1. Why do I look like an old lady trying to look hip when I wear a headband?
2. Why do I never get the right box at the post office no matter how hard I try to package everything right?
2.5 and why is it that after I mail my stuff off I get home and realize there's something else I should have mailed off?
3. Why is it that after I vacuum/mop something gets spilled within seconds?
4. Why do some women make motherhood look easy and make a bad name for the rest of us?
5. Why after walking alot (ok more than usual) the last month I have not lost any weight?
6. Why does my dog like to lick things that stink?
7. Why do I still want a baby even though I know I can never handle another one? and that I love our family exactly as it is?
8. Why does Jake think it is funny to squeeze the cat until he farts?
9. Why does every neighborhood ball or toy seem to end up in our front yard?
10. Why am I not doing the jobs I should be doing?
11. Why can't I get my facebook profile to update my flair in the correct way?
12. Oh and why do I not understand this whole <3 thing people are using instead of love? Is it some conspiracy against me?


Twisted Sister said...

Hahahahahahahah. Thanks for the laugh. (I especially loved #8)

Theresa said...

is this going to a blog you continuously update, b/c last time I was here you only had 10, now you have 12?!

Laurel said...

Tree, yes. I keep thinking of new and pondering questions. AND I'm trying to stay away from my work that I should be doing. Hence all the face book comments.

Formerly Fun said...

I tried some headbands on at taegt tonight and thought the every same thing, made me look like a giant dork.