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Monday, October 4, 2010

Humpty dumpty Gnome style

So, one of my lovely sisters gave our family the traveling Husker Gnome to take on our adventure for awhile. Then we scrapbook what the Gnome Henry has done with us in Singapore and send the Gnome onto the next family member. It is a great way to keep in touch with other members and a fun way to showcase what we all do. Henry seemed to have an awesome time in DC.

We didn't take Henry with us onto the plane because we were worried about him being hollow and not getting through security. We ended up putting him in a suitcase with 4 ZhuZhu pets and they all rode in the luggage. He really wasn't that happy about it but we didn't get flagged as a terrorist either! Henry was so happy when we got to the Hotel and finally got him out of that suitcase. I guess the ZhuZhu pets get a little too crazy and can't keep quiet! He arrived in one piece and spent the last 2 days gettting over some jet lag and looking out our Hotel window. He seems to really like Singapore and thinks the humidity is just like being home on the cornfields.

This morning he was ready to venture out with us to Grey's new school and we put him into my big purse. Took a cab to the new school and opened up my purse to find that Henry needed urgent care! His legs had broke off! Clean break for the poor guy, and he is now in 2 pieces but we didn't have the needed supplies to fix him up. He continued to travel in my purse until we could get him the urgent care he needed. He is such a trooper and didn't complain ONCE.

Natalie and I took a bathroom trip and as I'm rummaging in this huge purse of mine for some hand sanitizer i come up with only ONE Henry shoe! Remember they were together at first with a nice clean break and now they are seperated. Henry is now in 3 pieces! I had been extra careful with my purse so I'm unsure of how this all happened! Poor guy still is doing a good job even if he is all in pieces!

As soon as we got back to the Hotel we fixed him right up. Nothing a little glue and some hot looking surgeos in shower caps can't handle! He is drying under the "heat" lamp right now and I think Jake slipped him some chocolate. THis time it seems all the kings men COULD put him back together again!

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Theresa said...

i just saw the broken pics first, and I was so sad...but I'm glad you were able to get back together again! Hopefully the rest of his trip goes much could it get worse afterall??