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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yep, it's the end of the world

The Mayans were close but I'm throwing in the towel now! I am DONE shopping! Sick of it, don't wanna do it anymore and NO ONE and NO budget can make me. My husand is currently calling the equivalent of 911 right now because he knows there is something seriously wrong with me. I DON'T WANT TO SHOP ANYMORE!

I have always loved shopping, ALWAYS. I can remember being elementary age with a dollar burning the hole in my pocket. I'd ride my bike down to the local stationary store, Hallmark I think, where they sold everything back then. Cool pencils and erasers, some of them even smelly, pretty papers, lip gloss, candies, nail polish, regular stickers, puffy stickers and yes, smelly name it they had it. It was the best place for a budding shopaholic to spend her money.

I love buying new things. Just the feel of the newness is awesome! It doesn't matter what type of thing it is as long as it's new, I'm in love. I've loved shopping for years. I love knowing what I could buy, what I can buy and what I have to buy. I love finding a good bargain and I love just browsing. I always thought I could do it forever, BUT....

We moved to Singapore and shopping has become my nightmare! There are malls everywhere and they all have a purpose. There is a sports mall, a kid mall, an electronics mall. However, depending on the mall, what it specializes in and where it is located at here on the Island depends on the price and products you can buy there. Sure most of the malls have clothing stores with the same name, but you can't get the same type of clothes at the same price. You might find the same shirt but a different price. So, shopping is a bit trickier.
I really miss my one stop shopping a la Walmart or Target. Just to get some kitchen supplies we had to go to a kitchen mart, which really was awesome but it takes FOREVER to get a to do list to done! Then we had to go somewhere else in order to get a grill for Bob because even though it is kitchen stuff, the grill is not. Go figure.

Not only that but when I want to go out shopping I have to THINK about where I want to go and how much I'm going to buy. We only have one car here so I have been taking Cabs or an MRT because I don't want to wake up early to take Bob to work. So, I can't go carrying around the usual baggage because I walk alot! And even when I do have the car I can't go knocking off 10 or more stores in one day because driving takes time and then searching for a damn parking place takes the rest of my time. I use to be able to do Walmart, Target, Craft store(S), and a few extras while stopping for lunch in one day and some of those days I had my kids. NOT ANYMORE! I miss it.

Did I mention I do alot of walking? Through the malls to the taxi stands or through to the MRT, where I usually stand because there is no room to sit. All this while carrying as few bags as possible, which I still have way too many. I still do this walking with a car too! I just do it through the parking areas. Shopping is dreadful! My feet hurt, my legs hurt, heck even my butt hurts! The first week we were here I twisted a finger and pinched a nerve, over 2 weeks later my finger is finally unnumb! That's alot of bags!!!

Therefore, I am done shopping and am going to start having everything delivered to my house. Except, I can't find alot of shops here that actually let you shop online! They actually want you to go to the store and then some of them will deliver it for you, sometimes.

It's not all bad, just about every single mall has a food court in the basement. That's where I can be found loading up before doing all the shopping.

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malia said...

i completely understand you! that's when i throw my hands up and go lay by the pool. lol!