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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Natalie got her haircut the first couple weeks we were here. She loves going to get pampered a little and really loves getting her hair washed. Of course we asked for the same thing when we got to the store this time. They cut her hair first, and THEN they washed it. But they didn't wash it by the sink. Here in Singapore, well, at least at the place we went to they have another person come and wash her hair AT THE CHAIR! I went to take a picture but my battery had died. So this hairwasher lady squirts the shampoo in Natalie's hair and then slowly starts at the top of her hair rubbing in circles. Every now and then she adds a little more but it never drips down her face or on the floor. Natalie and I are looking at eachother like we really CAN NOT believe how they are doing htis. Then we shrug our shoulders and move along. By the end of the shampoo Natalie has all of her hair piled up on her head in shampoo and not one little bit is in her face, NOT ONE! Then they take her back to the sinks and rinse her hair out. She is ready to go back but I think she should wait for a little bit for it to grow back a little. Her hair is now off her neck and she says it feels a little bit cooler. Next time I promise to get pictures.

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Leone said...

I think most hairdressers here wash the hair like that .... I have been to two different hairdressers (in Singapore) in the past 4 years of being here, and this is how they wash my hair each time ... an NOT ONE DROP OF SOAPY SUDS on me at all!!


I love the head massage that goes with it ... perhaps thats why I go back every 3 weeks "for a trim" .... L0L....