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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One of my favorite things

I'm not a person that goes to church every Sunday or even on special Holidays. I haven't actually been to church in years. (yes mom, I know I should visit God's house more than I visit your house). However, I am a very spiritual person. I believe in a God, whether it be Catholic, Mormon, Hindu, Muslim or any other God out there. You see God's presence everywhere on this earth and my life goes so much smoother when I just let God lead the way. He knows what he's doing even if I don't agree with it at the time.

So, One of my most favorite things since first coming to Singapore is how they incorporate all these different religions into daily life. It doesn't matter what religion you are or what God you believe in just as long as you believe. Some of the places of worship are so grand and beautiful, I need to go explore some of them more. Just walking or driving by some of them can have you feeling the presence of God.

This last week as I was driving I saw a regular 3 lane road become a one way road because people were parking on the road to go and pray. No one seemed bothered by traffic being so slow or that there were so many cars double parked. It is just a common way of life here. To me it was uplifting. I need to remember to take time and pray and thank God no matter where I am during the day. Who says God is only open on Sundays? Or even only in a church? Not only were the cars all lined up, and even some buses, but the shoes were all lined up outside the building. It felt very spirtual and really warmed my heart.

Today the kids are off of school for a public holiday. Hari Raya Haji is a muslim holiday about pilgrimage and sacrifice. More information can be found HERE and HERE. It shows a whole different side to the Muslim religion that not everyone knows about. I love how people who make the pilgrimage can get their white caps or songkoks and take the title of Haji for men and Haajjah for women. These are things I didn't know about but I am enjoying learning about. These are the things that I love showing my kids, how although we are all different we can all co-exist peacefully.

There are so many food places that are Halal friendly. Which means it is permissable for Islams to eat. These are usually next to or very near places that serve the beef or pork. At IKEA the other day there was a sign for a prayer room. IN IKEA! (picture is not that great) 

I love that! I love showing my kids the tolerance and acceptance of the other religions and their practices. We don't have to believe what they believe but we should be respectful of their views.

That is just one of the many things that are becoming my favorites! I look forward to many more. Selemat Hari Raya - Peaceful celebration day.