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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm in an arranged marriage

I decided I wanted to get a smart phone while we were here in Singapore. I heard about the navigation maps and I REALLY needed one of those! I am the world's worst navigator and the only reason I found malls is because of the smell! Truth be told, I've been lost in a mall a few times, and not as a kid!
So, I ask my sister's boyfriend, aka W, to help me pick a phone because he seems to know his electronical stuff. I decide to go with a HTC desire instead of the all popular Iphone 4 because of the android operating system...W said it was better so that's why.
I'm excited to get my phone and it takes almost 2 full weeks of being here to get it. I open the package all ready for it  to start smarting me out. Oh and how it outsmarte me! I could barely turn it on! It took me a few days to figure out how answer a call and I'm still not sure how to add other people as a contact!

And texting! OMG!!! NIGHTMARE!!! I have fat fingertips and so I am always typing the wrong thing. My Jake has been renamed to James and my friend Vickie is now Dixie. My phone thinks it's so smart it redoes my typing! Stupid phone. I won't even talk about the sexts I wanted to send my hubby but somehow they got saved in my drafts and I can't even find the draft folder!  If it accidentally gets posted to facebook I'm going to be mortified!

I figured out how to get to my mail in my phone and so I emailing my sister back and forth and feeling that "look at me! I'm all emailing on my phone, how cool am I?" feeling, man was a feeling AWESOME! We were just joking around when I went to go drop the f bomb, as usual and instead the smart powers of my phone turn it into DUCK! Not what I was looking for! See, not so smart!

I can use the calendar but sometimes it beeps at me for no apparant reason. I haven't even tried to set an alarm because I think I might start disarming nuclear missiles somewhere in the world. I have used the navigation feature once and let's just say I figured out what the arrow means after wandering around aimlessly for 40 minutes.

And then I started thinking and realized it's an arranged marriage! We know we are good for eachother we just can't figure out how to use eachother properly. We're slowly getting the hang of it but it seems as if we are both shy to just jump right in! I've pushed it's buttons and it's just shut down on me! Seriously, isn't that what a marriage is about sometimes? We're getting more intimate with eachother as time goes on and I know someday I'll learn to love it, everyone says so. But right now I just want my old cell phone with it's QWERTY keyboard and no bells or whistles attached.