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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cliff notes

One of the things that happens when you move is you need to go make new friends. This use to be hard for me many years ago. I've gotten better at it and have gained some really great friends. I guess I've just been lucky to be put in the path of so many awesome people.
The one thing that I think should happen when you meet a new potential friend (P.F.) however is you need to give them notes, something like cliff notes. Like those ones you read in Highschool where you skimmed it looking for the important stuff instead of actually READING the book. Yeah, those ones, I hear they have them available for an audio download now.
These notes would have anything in it that creates the Unique story of you. Not because your story isn't worth reading, because it is, instead it would be just because there is so many years of story to be explained.
This would serve as the background of YOU! All the things that make you who you are! It would have pertinent information like age, hair color (real or fake), favorite foods and activities. Where you've lived, siblings, parents, children, etc., etc., etc. HMMM, I guess it would be very similar to an online dating ad!
Imagine meeting a new P.F. You realize that there are so many things you would love to talk to her about but you also realize that there's some background story that needs to be explained. VOILA! Handy little cliff notes all about YOU! She can read it all at once, take her time or just refer to it whenever you need her to be up to date on a certain story line.
When a problem arises and you go to your new P. F. there is no need to re-explain everything. Just give her chapter and verse of the cliff notes for her reference. She is up to date on your lifetime of woes. Problem with the In-laws but no time to catch up P.F. on all the logistics? Handy dandy  P.F. Cliff Notes to the rescue! Have her read and call you back ASAP.
I'm really loving this idea. I really think it could work. What would  you put in the cliff notes of your life?


Karin said...

Hi, just found your blog - I will be moving to Sing. in Feb 2011 so am interested in expat women's thoughts/impressions.

Brilliant idea about the cliff notes! Not sure what I'd put but it certainly bears thinking about.

Liked your previous post too - have struggled with that issue a bit at times. Maybe it is more the other person's problem because they don't want to see you/me as being different than how they always thought because that would make them wrong now. It is hurtful to have that happen but maybe one just has to let them think that way and move on somehow?

Laurel said...

Hi Karin!
Where are you coming from? Keep in touch I have lots of information that can help you or just someone to talk to.
So far I love it here. We've been here since Oct. It can be VERY frustrating but all in all I like the experience.
Do NOT hesitate to ask for anything. If I don't know I might know someone who does. Check out Our Family Adventures, she has been a tremendous help and for great pictures of the area try Postcards from Singapore. Both are on my blog list.
Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? It gets pretty intense.
Glad you found me and commented.