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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My sister is a B****

I'm chatting with my sister Krissy on gmail instant message. I'm giving her crap about eating duck and lamb here and she's giving me crap back. We go back and forth about how cute they are and you shouldn't be eating them and how cows are cute too and we shouldn't be eating them. I tell her how delicious my roasted duck with spicy chocolate sauce was and she should make it for her awesome boyfriend instea of mutilating all those cows. All of a sudden she does the unthinkable and brings up my most favorite candy bars the twin bing! Love those things. NOT FAIR. For 2 full days now that is all I think about when I crave chocolate! She is such a B.


Krissy said...

ha ha ha. I love twin bings!! If you send me that list of stuff you wanted I'll buy and send it tomorrow! =) minus twin bings though cause we don't have them here in DC. Sorry yo.

Laurel said...

yo! YOu still suck! But I love you for it anyway!!!!