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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My life is not my own

Ugh and double Ugh! I'm ready to be done and in Singapore. And then I'm ready to just stay here and say to hell with it! There are just too many people involved in my life! We have so many "experts" assigned to us that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Information is getting messed up, paperwork is coming dangerously close to not getting done and I am stuck in the middle all confused and wondering WTF just happened! I keep reminding myself that it's getting closer and it will soon be OVER. That all of this is just part of the adventure but right now, I'm done adventuring. I want to sit in my own little corner where I KNOW what's going to happen and just RELAX! Maybe by Christmas? NO, I'm sure there will be something else. Bob and I seem to be excelling the more there is on our plate and usually that's not us. I'm just tired of it...I want my life back! I want to make the decisions and KNOW what I'm doing instead of making a wild guess and hoping for the best. Excuse me while I go kick and scream until I feel better, the candy hasn't been working.


Nett said...

Candy is more potent with Coke. :) Hugs Laurel! I hope you find a happy medium and all goes smoothly! You deserve it!

Amberlie said...

so sorry!, that has gotta be tough :)