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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The bad mommy award goes to ME!

All my kids started school today. They looked so nice and were all ready to go, even Jake who really doesn't like school too much but we keep working on it. We do the regular neighborhood breakfast and then walk down to the school. We didn't make it to the teacher meet and greet because we were in Nebraska and Singapore, so we find where the kids are lining up and say our goodbyes and goodlucks. They are just sooo excited. I leave Jake in  his line and go to pay lunches. I get a strange feeling that I need to check on my kids and I go to Nat's classroom first. They don't have her on "the list" even though it is posted outside with her name on it when we looked Tues. morning. So, they don't have a desk ready for her at all. Same thing with Jake and this kid gets very nervous when he is unsure about something. I did tell the school we were moving but they would be in classes the first month until we moved. So I don't know what happened. Seeing their faces when they found out they didn't have a desk or any of the cool new stuff all the other kids had just broke my heart. They both handled it well but I should have checked to make sure all was set with the classes. I just assumed since the class lists outside had their names on it that they were still enrolled, the DAY BEFORE school started. I hate seeing my kids feel left out and like they don't belong, this year is going to be hard on them enough without their mom dropping the balls and keeping life smooth for them. I ended up getting a banana split for lunch and a grape slush. I wish you didn't feel so bad for your kids sometimes, I'm sure they will come home from school all good but I'll carry this guilt for a few days. At least I know that they have desks waiting for them in Singapore. I SAW those ones!


Amberlie said...

Oh, don't beat yourself up, beat the school up! Ha! j/k I know though, you never want to let your kids down, I still think you are an amazing mom!

Canesa said...

You're just lucky they didn't send your kids home with you to ruin your torturing silent day! :)