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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To water or not to water

While we were gone these last 2 weeks we had a friends 16 year old daughter come and take care of our dogs so we didn't have to pay the kennel bill. Plus, we had watched their dogs twice so they kinda owed us. We get home last night after 13 hours of driving and I walk in to see dirty dishes in my sink! Now, I'm one of those people whose house is spic and span when I leave for any amount of vacation. I'm worried I will die and I do not want someone coming into my home and seeing how much of a pig I really am. So, finding dirty dishes in my sink was not one of the best things to come home to. On top of that the 3 plants that I have carefully nursed along the way and actually havent' killed yet are dead. Well, maybe not the cactus but it looks to be on it's last legs. Now, how lazy is it to put dirty dishes in my sink and not water the 3 plants that you see dying. I think it's just common sense, even at 16. Bob disagrees. I'm not saying she had to water all my plants just the ones where she obviously was looking! I've got the dishes done and all that now but it really did just tick me off last night!

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